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The Viva Girls (aka DarkeSword is famous in China)


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Not sure how many people I've told about this already, but my music will be featured in an upcoming concert/show called The Odyssey in Beijing and Tokyo, performed by the Viva Girls, a wonderful 12-girl Chinese-Western fusion band. The piece that plays at this link is called Yin Yang, and is an upgrade/arrangement of my old Naruto remix, Iron Dance and the White Eyed Maiden. I also licensed out five original pieces that will be released on an album in December. I'm not sure but I think they might be playing these pieces at the concert.

Just hit play at that webpage on the video that initially loads.

Before anyone asks, yes, we went through all the proper procedures to license the Naruto music.

If anyone is in Beijing on the 12th of this month, please go to the concert. :mrgreen:

More links about the Viva Girls:



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