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Storm Eagle Remix (Ride the Hurricane)

Cliff Hatomi

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GAH! WHY is it, that all the new kids stuff sounds better than my first stuff did! I HATE YOU KING DEDEDE THEME!

The emo-ness out of the way. I'm going to *shudder* try to be nice. This is pretty much what I dub a midi rip. A midi file with instruments re-assigned and slight tweaking. It still actually sounds very midi.

First things first: Have a plan, or a list of rules. #1 Cardio #2 Double-Tap #3Beware the Bathrooms #4 etc...

My first stuff (and we'll pretend I know what I'm doing now... for the sake of argument) Was I want that thing there <-- to sound like this thing here--v I want mega man to SOUND LIKE Metallica... Oh, I have awful things from having both midis open, and not knowing what chords were. ANYTHING about theory... good times. I'm still threatening to take a REAL CLASS. Till then, wikipedia and google. BUT enough nostalgia. Have a plan, a sound you want.

Youtube is the best the internet has to offer on teaching you to use a DAW. Providing you can use a search engine pretty well, it will give you a tutorial on ANYTHING. Mastering? Done. Need a sound? Done. Need theory? Done. Need uh. You get the idea.

Well, that's like... Uh 3 weeks worth the stuff there... I just want to say in closing, don't get discouraged if your first few mixes don't turn many heads... And I mean... get a thread of 1 or 2 replies. It takes time and energy to do these and the newer stuff just doesn't have much uh. You might say 'content' to critique. I've been told I could prolly do about 10x as many of these reviews if I didn't make them all long and flowery and pretty. TBH, your total review could be 2 sentences: This is almost exactly like the midi. You need to rework it with more originality.

But I like the way I do it better. Cause... It's me... And I like it...

Hope that helps.

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Yes, this needs a like more interpretation in the arrangement. Develop the melodies, change the rhythms, add a new chord progression, are some examples. Production isn't too bad though. But there is some slight distortion when all the instruments come in, might wanna bring the volumes down a bit. It's a good first attempt, just needs some more original input and to use a limiter.

Also posting a link to the original song helps people to review it.


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You've mastered one thing that a lot of ppl struggle with: good sounds that work well together. Now, you should work those into better fitting their respective roles and filling their respective space. The first notes of the first synth in here made me go "nice sound, but the notes bleed together". The other sounds you're using have similar problems, like your string/bell-like lead being too plucky, your backing melody saws thing masking the sustainless lead, your bass drum being too loud, the rest of the drums being way too soft... well now I'm just talking about the mixing in general, which also needs work. Find yourself a bunch of well mixed tracks in similar styles/sounds and compare the respective levels. Learn from that.

Also, arranging. You should do that too. :P

You're in a good position to improve, make use of it. Also, welcome to ocr. :D

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First of all, thanks guys. I really appreciate you even bothering to listen to it.

I posted it fully aware that it is nowhere near finished, and is pretty much nothing but a glitzed-up cover of the original. That said, its taken me some to time to really think out a few possible riffs. (The original song is literally the same 35 seconds looped! xD)

Also, yeah, I totally agree with you guys, I suck at mastering. I just recently got FL Studio, before that I was just a guitar/bass bum. I must say, ProTools was complex, sure.....but FL Studio blows me away with just the sheer amount of options!

I'll fiddle around with the track a bit, and work on a few riffs I thought of today at work.

Thanks again, all of you, I'll keep posting stuff as I go.

(P.S. Major props to Rozovian for doing an SD3 Project. Kikuta is by far my favorite composer! Hopefully someone will do "Innocent Sea")

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Don't worry about the arrangement portion too much, yet (unless you really want to, of course). This is a first track, so you can use it to learn about your program and mixing/mastering.

It's not too bad, really. There's a lot of fuzz coming from the lower middle range. You can fix this by either attaching am EQ to the offending instruments (the bass sounds like the culprit in this case) or over the master track (not recommended, in this case) and turn down the range between 200-800hz until the fuzz is gone. There's just too much sound going through that area, so the arrangement creates 'fuzz' (or clipping), because of it.

The track's volume seems to be maxed out. I would recommend giving yourself some headroom by turning down the volume a bit and working with it from there. That gives you more room to play with the sound without the fuzzy clipping. You can turn it all up as high as you need to after you're comfortable with the mix later to get the volume up without the clipping.

The instruments tend to get drown in there. Use the mixer & volume adjusters to bring out the lead instrument and tone down the textures (I like the bass where it is, though). That'll clean up the mix further.

The drums are boring. Yeah, I said don't worry about the arrangement yet, but they really need to do more than hit the bass ad nausum. :wink:

I hope that helps a bit.

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I really liked the sound of what you have here. I'm not a professional techno guy at all, but I didn't notice anything wrong with the mixing or samples (I'm also completely new here as well).

The problem I see is your arrangement has no sense of direction - just the same stuff repeated. What you need to figure out is what you want the shape of this remix to be - do you want it to start out with a bang, then back off and continously add parts to build to an even more explosive conclusion? Do you want it to be a more rolling sort of build-up, with more peaks and valleys? Do you want to have an extremely danceable section? Some rocking solos?

Experiment with different ways to state the musical phrases here, with different transitions, different/new parts playing, and different samples taking the different parts. This will help you figure out what you want to do as well as how to do it.

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