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Cave Story Remix Project Rerelease!

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've been doing some work with Nicalis (the guys behind the Cave Story WiiWare port?)

This ended up with me working a lot more with the cave story OST and after all was said and done i had a lot of music left over so i decided to update the CSRP project with 7 new songs and rerelease it with working links and a big update to the website. Lots of people have been asking for a third disc, so i figured this would be a cool treat. I even covered one of the really popular/indie unreleased tracks from the game called Wind Fortress. It's awesome source material.

The project just finished and was released today, I know its not an official OCR project but if you've never checked out the project this is a perfect time to do so as you can now download everything together from Nicalis who are kind enough to help host the project :) For those who HAVE checked out the original, i highly suggest you check out the new 7 tracks, you can find everything you need on the original CSRP Web Page


Lemme know whatchya think!!

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