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OCR02235 - *YES* Sonic Heroes, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Final Fantasy 7 'The Wingless Butō'

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Remixer Name: Mikeaudio

Real Name: Michael Isel

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mikeaudioproductions http://mikeaudio.newgrounds.com/

User ID: "19903"

Submission Information

Games and songs arranged : Sonic Heroes (Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion) Kingdom Hearts (Guardando Nel Buio, Forze De Male)

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Tension Rising) Final Fantasy VII (One Winged Angel)

Sonic Heroes composers - Jun Senoue, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoya Ohtani

Source Information

[youtube links below]


The only difficulty that came while remixing these sources, was finding a balance, especially between songs like "One Wing Angel" which could have a remix of its own, and songs like "Hang Castle" which is filled with traditional i-v-i chord progressions. I had to listen to all the melodies, then after stringing them all together, make a composite. Once that was finished it wasn't long before it fell into place. To be honest, most of my time went into thinking and not really mixing or writing anything at all. Regarding my choice of source material to remix, it was actually a request mix from a user on newgrounds. Personally, I love doing request's for the sheer fact that you learn and improve more, because in order to deliver (unless they request something you love and could remix a Million times) you have to look at the source and find qualities you like or don't like and then make decisions. Making those decisions unbiased will give you more freedom. Regarding the mix title, Butō (Butoh) is a performance art that has no bounds really, originated in Japan, and most of the time is accompanied by grotesque imagery. Because of the pace of the mix, I decided to call it "The Wingless Butō", Wingless hinting to Sephiroth. Enjoy.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJfMwX6CDsU - Sonic Heroes Hang Castle

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNc2d8MvKUw - Sonic Heroes Mystic Mansion

- Kingdom Hearts Guardando Nel Buio

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoId_SGKb0g - Kingdom Hearts Forze Del Male

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqX7y3jHQR4 - Kingdom Hearts 2 Tension Rising

- Final Fantasy VII One Winged Angel


Here's a basic breakdown as I hear it:

0:00-1:00 - Opening riff to Hang Castle

1:00-1:48 - Melody at 1:05 of Hang Castle

1:48-2:00 - Forze del male low brass riff in the guitar

2:00-2:24 - Melody at 0:49 of Mystic Mansion

2:24-2:36 - Melody at 0:16 of Mystic Mansion

2:36-2:48 - Melody at 0:49 of Mystic Mansion

2:48-3:01 - Forze del male 0:45 (3:01-3:12 modified)

3:12-3:24 - One Winged Angel

3:36-3:45 - Melody at 0:16 of Mystic Mansion (3:45-3:48 modified)

3:48-4:00 - Melody at 0:49 of Mystic Mansion

4:27-4:35 - One Winged Angel (symphonic version ending)

I can't seem to find either the Guardando source or the Tension source from KH (1+2). If anyone can figure it out, or anything else I missed, lemme know and I'll add it in.

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Holy crap, are you serious? I can understand mixing source tunes from the same series - but SIX, all from different games? I'm not sure what to think. The production is excellent, and listening to it as a song without paying attention to sources it does seem to flow well. I just don't know how to approach judging this...

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Wasn't able to add anything to OA's breakdown, but the source usage is more than dominant counting what he did find.

Yeah this ain't the easiest song to judge, but I think the way to evaluate it is how much it sounds like a connected piece. There are a couple transitions that jump out as gear shifts, namely 1:48 and 2:48. (The One Winged Angel quote at the end was also slightly out-of-place but not as big a deal.) These were the two places that sounded like medley transitions to me - everywhere else, I would not have been able to tell you were jumping sources. I'd say this is on the border of what is ok here, there's been at least one song passed with two transitions on this level. In this song, you've got some hold-over instruments between sections which helps tie it together. I could be swayed against but I'm ok with passing this, especially because most of the usage comes from Sonic Heroes with just a couple sections drawn from the other games. The production is not perfect but quite good for what is a fun, elaborate piece that plays with styles and has a variety of instruments.

YES (borderline)

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Haven't heard back yet, but really, this is solidly produced, with plenty of source use, and it all flows together naturally. There are good levels of variation, and it's not just a medley. I am dubious there is any KH in this, but there is certainly the other tracks, and based on source percentage, it's well over the threshold.

Cool track, i'd just strike the KH reference from the source, and call it good.


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I didn't really want to vote on this until we had a definitive answer on all the source usage. After spending a couple hours looking at it though, the list above was the best I could get, so I guess I'm going to have to go with that.

For the amount of sources used, this flows pretty well. I found that the OWA usage (especially as the ending) was the only thing that seemed a little out of place, but even then it's still pretty good. Transitions are done very well, and the way the sources are used doesn't just strike me as a medley.

Production is solid pretty much throughout, so there are no complaints there.


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What a weird collection of tunes. But hey, it works, so why sweat it?

Seriously, I'm surprised to see such a cohesive piece. Transitions are good, there's excellent development across the entirety of the piece, and the performances are extremely solid all around.

Very nicely done. I don't usually like medleys, but this works really well as a piece of music on its own.


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