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windrunner is fun because no matter how your team does, you can still have a great game. if your enemy doesn't boast mass CC (or something nasty like bloodseeker), you can usually do your damage in fights and get away in time. so if you play it right, you simply won't die much and are guaranteed to have some items if the game runs late.

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Is Valve just randomly giving out Dota 2 invites now?

I just got an email saying I'm in, and it's sitting in my game library.

If so, why don't they just make the beta open?

EDIT: I installed it. May as well give it a fair chance. Looking at the champion list though, I'm not really feeling any of these guys, though I am kind of confused as to why Lina Inverse is in the game. o_O

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though I am kind of confused as to why Lina Inverse is in the game. o_O

educated guess:

dota became rly popular with the advent of the 'allstars' version, which was a compilation and consolidation of countless dota styled maps. also consider that like any other nonstandard wcIII map, dota used to be called a funmap.

so no, not all dota variants had the generic sentinel/scourge goodie/baddie theme going. i distinctly remember a bleach vs. naruto dota.

some of the custom models were really good too.

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There are many more references than that. Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin is a shoutout to Tenchu for example, Vengeful Spirits Magic Missile comes obviously from D&D, Nevermore the Shadowfiend is named after E.A. Poe's The Raven, Lucifer the Doombringer is literally the fucking devil, Zeus is actually THE Zeus from Greek mythology etc.

Juggernauts Omnislash skill should be self-explanatory.

I wouldn't be too bothered by it. WCIII DotA used to be a mess of pop culture references and characters cribbed from the WCIII campaign. Valve obviously can't directly take over Blizzards property but they're at least trying to keep the other references intact.

What's your favorite LoL champ? I can probably point you to a hero that's similar in role/skills.

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Bounty Hunter is pretty close to Talon, having a hit-and-run physical burst damage playstyle. He even has a similar track skill that reveals your targets location.

As for Jax, Huskars ultimate is like a beefed up Leap Strike+Empower combo, dealing a flat 50% of enemy health, while Slardar has a similar AoE stun and on-hit bonus damage.

Sniper has a skill that's pretty much the same as Miss Fortunes Make It Rain, as well as getting similar bonuses to his attacks, though some of his aspects are found in champions like Tristana and Caitlyn as well.

Malzahars ultimate can be found on Shadow Shaman, but most of his other skills differ. Puck has a similar damaging AoE silence, but really most INT heroes have a pretty similar AoE damage output that lets them farm and push.

Dazzle follows Karma's DPS/Support hybrid role pretty well with his damaging heal, but instead of a shield he basically gets a 15 sec CD Undying Rage that he can use on his allies.

There are quite a few heroes that are probably more similar (Guardian Wisp for example has a skill very similar to Karma's Spirit Bond) but they aren't out yet.

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I love everything about leshrac. I don't play a lot of torturer in HoN, so it must just be his model/animations that push me over the bar in dota2. So awesome.

I'm 10-1 with leshrac+razor. (the one loss was a 4v5 from the first minute)

And 12-25 with all the other heroes I've played... lol

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