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I'm 2-0 with Drow Ranger and Antimage. :<

From official dota2's trailer, i made a decision that Drow Ranger in dota 2 is a hybrid of wind walker and drow ranger. Or what?

Who was in that trailer? Traxex or Alleria?

And btw, anyone CAN actually play for antimage? The best thing I could do is the first blood at 2:01 and second at 2:59 vs warlock. After 10:02 they own me, but i was 1vs3. Is there any guide "How to play Antimage"?

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Outworld Destroyer and Single Draft mode got added to the game, as well as tons of other features. Not bad! Now we can finally reliably counter antimage.


- Batrider: Fixed turn rate.

- Batrider: Fixed Firefly having a cast time.

- Batrider: Added stack counter effect for your team when using Sticky Napalm.


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