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OCR01261 - Ecco the Dolphin (SCD) "Eternal Abyss"


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It's an Ecco mix, of course it needs to start with waves! :-D

There are a lot of great touches in this that really give it a nautical feel.

Nice new-agey base to build on, and lots of tinkling bells.

It has a processional feel, and a distinct sense of determination, which is somewhat rare for my experience in the genre, but it works really nicely.

The choir adds a bit of melancholy, and then the pizzicato strings up the drama quotient.

This is a great mix and has a lot of mood to it. I'm unfamiliar with the source, but when it's presented like this, it's appealing to everyone, nostalgia or not. Excellent work.

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Like the poster before me (who has a distracting forum name 8)), I've been listening to Eternal Abyss for weeks. It gives me such an amazing feeling of awe and inspiration. And... and I can't put it any better than that. :) Wonderful atmosphere, awesome choice too: the original track is quite short and has the same sense of awe and inspiration, but not perhaps the depth heard in GrayLightning's take.

Also, I never expected to hear this from GrayLightning, as I thought he did a Rockman mix in a very different style - buut as it turns out I confused Disco Dan's BlueLightning remix with GrayLightning the remixer. o_o (Note to self: don't confuse GrayLightning's awesomeness with Disco Dan's! They are different awesomenesses X3)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01261 - Ecco the Dolphin (SCD) "Eternal Abyss"

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