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Nice guitar melodies. :D

Difficult to get a grip of the rhythm, doesn't help that you juxtapose some pretty quick rhythms with simple, slow drum writing. Also, work on your transitions, getting out of the slow section was especially abrupt. Careful with using too many source bits exactly the same, some sections are well interpreted while others feel 100% midi-ripped. What's with the violin section at the end, I can't hear any connection with the source, then the Dr. Light melody comes in and I realize it's a different source. Needs to transition in and out of it better to make sense, and it needs to be better integrated to make the track as a whole to feel cohesive.

Crashes need to be louder. Too much reverb on the cymbals, snare needs some reverb and more highs, stop machine-gunning your snares, kicks, and toms. Not a big fan of the synth sounds, many of them seem like imitations or rips of the original. There's more, but the guitar ppl would be able to tell better than I can.

I wouldn't call it finished just yet. :P

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Sorry I'm going to be really critical:

all the keys and synths are super cheesy 90's MIDI (I realise that's kinda the norm with prog metal but still)

Sweeping was just an excuse to show off and adds nothing musically to the song

Drum machine is stiff as a brick, can't do this style of music properly without a real drummer (sorry)

The mid breakdown is a bit misguided

The ending didn't really work wasn't a good transition.

But aside from hating prog metal and all things cheese I think the general arrangement and direction you were going for is for the most part pretty good. The main section certainly works great but as soon as you wander off it kinda gets distracted.

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On my headphones, it's missing a good bit of the bass presence (but it could just be my headphones). Consider putting a bit of a hipass on the master track, give the track some shimmer. Drums are definitely a stiff, as was said previously. Other than that, I enjoyed the arrangement. Is there a particular reason you panned that lead synth so far to the right? And the lead guitar? Also, middle section could use some more layering to fill it up a bit.

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The reason the sweeping doesn't work:

that song is what somewhere between 100-120 bpm? doing sweeping and playing a fast solo in a song that is not above about 210bpm doesn't work. I mean you can do it but it's inevitably going to be musically a bankrupt display of technique, style over substance.

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I love it

I have nothing more to say. I love it. I love the direction. It still has the feel of the original.

Although the slow breakdown halfway through seems rather odd. I'd get a real drummer to really slam those bitches hard for effect. You know, reverb (that's what it is, right?).

I wouldn't change the synths though, but that's personal preference.

Anyway, the mid part sounds ending material, really.

Also; the sweeping does seem a bit out of place there. I mean, I'm no music buff, but work on it. Other than that, I'm really loving it.

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