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Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos - History


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Hey guys, I was thinking, maybe we could open up the project with a short garbled radio transmission that ends in screaming or something like that. With a lot of static and distorted voices. Then it would cut off abruptly and in comes EvilHorde's track. What do you think?

Sounds great. Should I do something to the intro so the transmission would fit better?

I mean the fade in is kinda boring after a cool transmission like that. It should maybe start with a bang like in a movie trailer sort of way... Whaddya think?

And I just thought... My track incidentally ends in a similar way... the music stops and then theres the sudden "scarescream". I don´t know if its important but its an interesting detail I happened to notice.

AND YET, if a few mixers do the transmission it would be kinda funny to add inside humor to it. Like hide little jokes in there to the transmission... YEE-HAW. Too bad I´m propably not gonna be able to participate in the making of the transmission cause I have no mic. Well, if it comes to that I might be able to use the headphones but.. WELL...

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I can help seed the project when it gets done, depending on when it gets done. If it's gonna be after the new year, I can definitely donate bandwidth (last final's tomorrow, going home for xmas break). Not like I use the college cable for anything other than downloading stuff.

So yeah, keep up the good work, can't wait til it's release.

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I dont estimate project completion until early February, so I'm gonna put you down/

Yeah, I can hack February.

About that radio intro, I was thinking if you didn't want to do the static and tactical chatter approach, you could always style it as a doom 3 log. I don't really know what you could put in it, but still, it's a thought.

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How does "Dark Side of Phobos" strike you people as a title? It harkens back to Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon, plus it goes well with the cover.


Sounds good. I like the use of "Phobos" in the title cause it gives you a little hint on what this all is about. It doesn´t just say "DOOOM SOUNDTRACK Y´ALL". And of course people familiar with doom (read:everyone) know that theres Doom stuff ahead.

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A few ideas for the title...

My own prime candidate:

Doom Remix Project: Game Over!!!

(...the !!! are meant to be part of the title :))

Other suggestions:

Dawning Dark

Darkest of Dawns

Darkest Red

Red Night

Sound of Hell

Hell Runeth Over

Cry of Black

End of Morrow

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