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  1. Damn son I was just 17 when this came out and 16 when I started it.... I'm fucking 25 now (My birthday is today). This is crazy
  2. No forum set up yet. So far all of the tracks are open minus The Salt Flats which I am taking care of. The Pezman - if you improve enough by that time and the project is still going, go right ahead. Escariot - that would help vastly.
  3. bump! No folks, it isn't dead, music is still being worked on and the project is still being discussed.
  4. After really listening, Disc 1 is like track for track just amazing. After that, the rest of the discs kinda fall off a bit (not of course without a few scattered gems throughout). Disc 1 though, man, WOW.
  5. O.o........ Ok, I refuse to believe that you all weren't on drugs as you made your respective tracks.
  6. in case somebody is wondering what track im doing....... http://chaos.herograw.org/theflatstest.mp3
  7. ok, i can't really go by this song, it's kinda sloppy and rough in places (although in general I like) work on something and ssend it my way.
  8. i could care less about any of that jazz, just don't suck. And i have heard yuor music, so it's all good.
  9. work on it, give me a wip up to a point where you think it can be a good representation of what a completed track could be (i.e potential). if it's wack, I'll just tell you nope. If not, you have a shot to get on the album. Simple as that.
  10. Yeah, you already know who this is. No time for B.S. Final Fantasy VIII project, let get it, I'll keep you posted. This is not a game- this will not go down like Project Chaos did(as good as that project turned out) . I got soilders ready to do this thing and do it right and do it with haste, but if you are interested at all, hit a brotha up. But trust when I say, there is no time for playing anymore, all that immature tendencies of the last project I was envolved with, on my part or anyone elses, should be promptly discarded when approaching this situation. Be prepared my friends To hear this amazing soundtrack - http://bluelaguna.net/music/ff8/mp3s.php Mike Penn+
  11. well damn............. i've been super fucking swamped........im sorry? it just... wow... ok, i've been gone awhile it seems lol
  12. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA but seriously....... megadeth... come on. then again, I'm tired of both bands now.
  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHAHH, CAN U FEEL THAT?? CHECK OUT THE BASS, nigga sound like the juggernaut bitch nigga lol.....
  14. Yes. Get that one. The Producer Edition. It's got sexy ass Compressor shits, with some drum shits, and some sexy mixer and sheet music shits. So Sonar 6 is full of shit then? it comes with all of that stuff too, so i guess that means full of shit and cum, which is kinda nasty...
  15. Guys, just stop thinking about the project altogehther. Trust me, that makes shit happen way faster.
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