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The good about Reason:

  • Great sounding synths
  • All in one package
  • Samples easy to use right out of the box
  • Setup like a real production studio
  • Rewire

The bad:

  • over-processed samples (make them harder/impossible to mix properly)
  • Awful sequencing (the old sequencer/piano roll was so difficult to look at, and even some of the other sequencers it comes with don't compare to what else is on the market, i.e. FL Studio)
  • Lack of sample libraries/soft synths/no VST support, so creating any genre is not possible (even with the refill libraries you're still limited and missing out on wonderful things like East West libraries and Native Instruments Komplete)
  • Too much like a regular studio (software should be easy to use, actual studio mixing engineering is not easy)

Of course, with rewire it's still a package worth getting when used with other DAW's, though it should really be a tool for advanced mixing engineers and not for noobs who want to make good music quickly.

Also, it's expensive. $500 is breaking a lot of enthusiasts budgets just for something that sounds slightly better than FL Studio right out of the box (for those who aren't engineers).

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heh either way your calculations are rediculously off (talking to metal man here). I'm a reason+record user so I can see where you are coming from (I'm also an ableton user btw). But anyways, lots of people use both softwares. Maybe its just that reason/record works better than fl so there arent as many users posting about problems :tomatoface::-D

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Of course it was. I know a bunch of people use Acid, Sound Forge, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase. 0.1% for them and Reason, 0.1% for Reason+Record. 99.8% for FL. LOL

For real, the 14% for Reason may be right, but certainly not R+R.

R+R is probably even less than 0.1% of the users here.

i use audacity to record sometimes and i made this track with audacity and cubase http://youtu.be/4pEF4CbRpWs, no love for audacity?

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I've been using Reason since around version 2.0. I used to use it with Pro Tools but eventually switched over to using Record 100% of the time. I've used a lot of DAWs over the years and have found Reason/Record to have the best work flow as well as the best stability. I seriously have never had it crash on me.

There was once a time when I was a plugin whore. I owned a lot of free and non-free VSTs and it got hard to keep track of them all. I eventually sold all of the ones I could and now I barely use any sort of plugin. I have Pod Farm but the amp models work within Record. The only other one that I might use now and again is Melodyne but I find myself using it less since Record got Neptune.

There was a time when I used FL Studio but I always found the interface cumbersome. You see, I started out using a reel to reel 4-track deck when I got into recording. I like working with hardware and Reason/Record was the first DAW that I tried that felt more like manipulating real hardware.

The software isn't perfect but Propellehead really seem to give a damn about their user base. They're a fairly small company, though. While their updates are few and far in between, they always put quality stuff into what they do.

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if i had record i would be 100% propellerhead. i used fruity loops for years and i could only make techno stuff. with reason i can make anything.though, i might get something in the future to use vsti with...i mean really...c'mon propellerhead. but none–the-less i love it.

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