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OCR02152 - *YES* Christmas NiGHTS into dreams... 'Winter NiGHTS (Hey, Dreamer)'

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OCRemix Song Submission:

Note: You can leave the song links and whatnot in if this gets rejected.

Song name: Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer)

Contact Information:

Your ReMixer name – Level 99

Your real name - Stevo Bortz

Your email address – level99remixteam@gmail.com

Your website – you know my website!

Your userid – 13318

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged – Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams...

Name of individual song(s) arranged – Winter Sleep


Composer: Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki

(Game already in OCR database)

Comments on the song:

Tempted to send in another essay of a submission letter. Tried not

to, despite the fact that no trees would be harmed by my overtyping.

It's no secret that I have a large amount of love for a certain purple

jester. On top of that, the Saturn remix section looks awful

bare...This is a remix of Winter Sleep called Winter NiGHTS (Hey

Dreamer). Winter Sleep, as a source tune, is only 28 seconds long.

It's a soothing, chimey, flute-filled relaxing song. Perfect to put

on loop before you go to bed because can melt in the song's


There's four main components to the source that I have used in my

arrangement of the tune: the flute (which plays a variation of the

NiGHTS motif with an added melody during 9-16 measures), the voice,

the backing pads, and the bass. The source also has some percussive

elements and random chimey sounds, however they were not directly used

in the new arrangement.

This version is a remastering of the song I did for the Winter

Dreamers EP last year, which was a small holiday project I worked on

with the admins of NiGHTSintodreams.com. You can grab the whole EP

from their website: http://www.nightsintodreams.com/?p=783. As for

the song itself, it is very reminiscent of the emergence of synth rock

60's/70's pop rocky style. I would definitely say the electronica

experimentation of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer was a big influence in

some of the sounds I chose. There's vocals (oh no, watch out,

vocal-haters!), and the lyrics are as follows:

On a cold winter night

You warmed my heart as we held tight

The dreams will come in time

Just as the seasons change, our fears will be left behind

Hey, Dreamer

Hold on just a little more

The Sun's not far from the horizon

And this is the day that we have long been waiting for.


Hey, Dreamer

It'd be very hard for me to give a source breakdown because it's

spread all of the place. The bass has been adapted to the new tempo

and drum rhythm, the vocal melody from the original has been adapted

to a number of instruments and the new vocals themselves, some of the

flute part from the original plays during the choruses with some time

modifications, and the backing pad chords have been adapted to the

clean and distorted guitars. There are some transitional measures of

the song which, while note directly source-related, serve to tie

different sections together. There's also a synth solo section which

noodles around the voice melody a good bit.

Hope you enjoy it, and you can get the whole EP (not all game music)

here: http://www.nightsintodreams.com/?p=783


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As usual, we've got a solid submission from our max-leveled character here. I do have to say, whether it's because I'm used to it or just like it better, I prefer the non-vocoded version to this one. This still works quite nicely, and I liked hearing how you incorporated the source into this so fluidly. There were a couple spots where vocal intonation is just a little off (Hey! Dreamer! at the end sticks out the most), but it's certainly nothing dealbreaking. The sleighbells at the end felt a little superfluous at the end, but again it might be more because I was used to the original.

I felt like the bass drum could have had a little more punch, and the rhythm guitars are a bit difficult to hear at times.

Overall, nice work.


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This starts out with a sufficiently winter atmosphere, and I was digging the soundscape, and a good flow and progression to the track. Nice builds,

Vocals get pretty scoopy in some spots, but overall work pretty well, the vocoded harmonies were nice, though there were a few semi sour notes in the end part. Overall very keepable, but i think the vocals at the end should be revisited to fix that sour note.

(contacted him about it, so he's on it)


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I dug the more ethereal production of the vocals in the original version of this arrangement. However, the blatant AutoTune stuff sounded more awkward on the dry vocals of this version. "Dreamer" at 3:15, for example, just sounded bad.

That said, I'm still OK with this overall. Good arrangement, and nice work from Stevo with the expansion via lyrics.


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Pretty decent. Vocal performance is a little rough intonation-wise, but it's not bad.

Interpretation is pretty good; a pretty good rock take on the source tune. Good development through the piece, nice highs and lows.

Pretty good.


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