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Retro / Remix Christmas Music

Crowbar Man

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EDIT: Blast from the Past! Updated for Christmas 2013! I've corrected a few links.

I have a small collection of my own of things I've found, thought I'd share and maybe get other people to post

This is a thread for (primarly) Holiday/Christmas music, either videogame remixes or chiptune versions of classics.

Primary Examples:


The 8bits of Christmas (Various, 8bitpeoples) ( 2003 )

8bit Jesus (DoctorOctoroc) ( 2008 )

Merry Pixmas - PixelMod Records ( 2008 )

8bit Christmas (RushCoil) ( 2009 )

8bit Xmas Compilation 2010 (Various) ( 2010 )

Big Giant Christmas (Big Giant Circles) ( 2011 )

Carols of the 2A03 - RushJet1 ( 2011 )


Super Mario Sleigh Ride - Super Mario World (The One Ups) ( 2002 )

Merry Little Christmas - Christmas NiGHTS (Dale North) ( 2009 )

Special Mention: (Not all Christmas song specific remixes, but some here too)

OCR Christmas Albums!

Get ya in the holiday spirits!

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I was just listening to, "Ave Maria" on the, "Merry Pixmas" album from 2008. It's pretty nice (Ave Maria and Winter Wonderland are the only ones I care for on this album, but it may be someone elses cup of tea).

Link to the site:


Direct link to album:


Merry Chiptune Christmas!

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It is that time of year again (though, looks like I forgot to do this last year!). I've updated the links to work correctly again. Anybody have anything else to pitch in let me know! I'll see what I can rustle up this year and go back and see if I found anything last year and just forgot to update

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