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OCR02171 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "The Forest That Never Sleeps"


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yeah, definitely my favorite halc mix ever. COnsidering he makes like a new remix every hour, that's a lot of remixes, and if this is the best one, that is sayin something!

This, essentially.

Lead coming in around 1:25 is chiptune bliss, and the more atmospheric stuff around 2:50 reminds me of Final Fantasy 7, weirdly enough.

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An important and common critique I note of many ocremixes is that melodies feel frequently changed for no good reason. I understand that there needs to be a certain amount of 'originality' to the melodies on OCR so that they're not just 'midi-rips' but I often feel that certain deviations feel forced.... changed for change's sake... a few new notes now dancing aimlessly from where the original had them as if harmonies were so difficult to pull off.

My point is that this is NOT what is done with this mix. Any variations on the source tune here feel not only natural, but taken in a great new direction from the original that doesn't once make me feel like questioning if 'it was really necessary'. It all works. From the quick rising chords at 1:20 to the reserved 8-bit effects (another tired cliche at times thank god used well here), to the great harmonies at the end of the bridge, and the modern take on a decrescendo, it's all very apropos.

Very much enjoying coming back to this one. It's been on my desktop since it was posted.

TAKE NOTE remixers... this is the reinterpretation part of the OCR mission statement DONE RIGHT!

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This has to be some of halc's best work ever. Seriously. It takes the source and manages to keep the wondrous feeling while reducing the bits. This song is beautiful... hauntingly so.

I honestly can't think of anything else to say to it, except...

Nope, nothing else. It's just so good... there are no words. You have to listen for yourself.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02171 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "The Forest That Never Sleeps"

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