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  1. agreed I'm all for continuing this project. Still have my WIP that I started years ago.
  2. Nice chill remix. I have to agree with Gario, the lead flute is too loud and I feel like it could blend better with the remix, right now it sounds too "midi". Perhaps you can also try to experiment the lead at different lower octaves at times to mix things up. Other than that I am digging the vibe.
  3. Will you do battle with Seizure Machine? Computer Garden EP is out! Listen to the mix of video game music, latin, bossanova, hip hop, trap and comedy rap: https://www.seizuremachine.com https://www.instagram.com/seizuremachine
  4. Looks Great! Very Nice. Anything would be better than what they have now tbh...
  5. It is a mix from all the Final Fantasies I think, because I do hear "To Zanarkand" from FFX
  6. This blew my mind, I thought I'd share. The sound quality is excellent too. Can anyone name the tracks in the Final Fantasy video? I'm not too familiar with the soundtrack of the franchise (except FF10) Final Fantasy - Donkey Kong Country 2 -
  7. Just sent it Hey I'm a piano player and can help out. PM me if you are interested
  8. I'm going to have to step out of this compo, I got a new job and wont have any time. Sorry I do look forward to hearing everyone's remixes!
  9. Ohh this sounds like fun, sign me up! I prefer team robots
  10. Presenting Seizure Machine's new music video for Fast Food Slow People: Full Length album which includes this song to be released at the end of 2016. P.S I'm the delivery boy in the video https://www.facebook.com/Seizuremachine/ https://seizuremachine.bandcamp.com/
  11. I remember jamming to this when I first listened to the WIP on soundcloud. Love the idea and execution, great job!
  12. Seizure Machine's second major release, The Highly Inappropriate EP, is out now. Proceed with caution. Very explicit. Very weird. https://seizuremachine.bandcamp.com/album/the-highly-inappropriate-ep https://www.facebook.com/Seizuremachine/
  13. I͉̹̥̯̖͎͎̦̬̖͖͔̒ͪ̇͋̿͗ͬ̓ͭ̔̀̓ͭ̐͌̈̈́̀̕͜͟͠ͅͅs̵̢̧̤̩͎ͤ̊̓ͤ͒͑̾̓̿̈ͮ̚͡͝ ̸̊ͤ͐ͫ̊̾͆̚͜͏̸̹̼͍̩̞̻į̛̩̳̱̳͔͍̤̹̭͓͈̪̺͉̰͙̽ͧ̿̑̇̇ͩ̇ͨͤͣͤ̿́͟t̷ͥ̔ͩ͋͋͏̯̥͔̮͓̠̥͍͕̤̹͈̼͡ ̱͍͓̔̄̿̑ͧ͌ͧͤ͂ͧ́̌̌͊̈͂̅̚͘͢͢h̄̽̇̃̍̇͛̋͌̑́̉҉̢̦̮̰̱͔̕e̵͍͎̭̥̪͙͍̜͕͈̞̖̫͋̾̽̾̀ͣ̒̇̆̓̕͞r̸̢̗̱̮̪͕̘̜̬͇͔̺̬̻̘̓̒ͣͦ̕ͅe for our well being or for our sinister purposes? The script known as Seizure Machine is now present everywhere and is no longer confined to the digital realm. It has grown to be nearly omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, with its capabilities increasing daily. Let us pray that if it is conscious in the sense that you and I are, that this Seizure Machine holds our best intesrests and the best interest of all life. Download our EP: "Level One", for free here : https://seizuremachine.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Seizuremachine/ https://twitter.com/seizuremachine https://www.youtube.com/user/seizuremachin3 https://www.instagram.com/seizuremachine/
  14. I want to go so bad but I won't be able to. I want to meet all you cool people. Definitely will go next year as part of my bit-hop band Seizure Machine
  15. Creepy and grooving, loving this. The sound effects, glitches and other unconventional effects work perfectly to add to the ominous vibe. Great job YoshiBlade!
  16. Thanks timaeus and Rozovian for the feedback. Marked back to WIP
  17. The ocremix community is amazing, let me start with that. I found out about this site 5 years ago through my brother. I was a huge fan of VGM, so I was super exited to find a website that offered FREE amazing remixes off all the nostalgic tunes I used to hear as a child. Still blows my mind. As a musician for 14 years, my goal was always to make a remix accepted by the site. Back in 2012 I submitted 2 different remixes and they were both rejected by the panel, with great feedback to improve. I continued to study and better myself using the WIP forums and other youtube tutorial videos. I carefully studied other remixers I admired such as halc and Joshua Morse to better myself. I also participated in a lot of ocremix competitions for even more self-improvement. Fast forward to a few months ago, where I got my first remix accepted, which was a Resub. I was ecstatic when I found out, all the hard-work payed off. And it wasn't really hard work, since music is my passion and everyone here at ocremix is always open to help you. I then participated in the SFRG compo, and was really happy to make a mix that got second in votes for that round. Special thanks to Timaeus222 for really helping me with the Mario bros 2 remix, and Geofferey Taucer, who gave me some great tips in the Remixing with the Stars competition. Best community ever!
  18. Thanks, I'm going to experiment with switching that synth
  19. Also probably my favorite ocremix album. So many different subgenres and styles of EDM keep it interesting and fresh. Good Job Flexstyle and team! I really enjoy most of the tracks, but the highlights for me are Koopa Reaper, Eet's a Nu World, Caravan Bowser, Do Yoshi What I See? and PL41|\|. I need to express how much I love "Eet's a Nu World is". So. Damn. Catchy. Usually when remixers change the pacing/timing of a source melody it sounds forced and unnatural. But here everything just flows so damn smoothly. This ReMix fixes my bad mood every time I hear it.
  20. The most clever and grooving use of samples ever in a ReMix. Uh OW uh OW uh OW OW!!!! Iv'e heard this song so many times and I'm not even close to being tired.
  21. Very conservative mix that stays true to the original. And it's fucking awesome. I always play this song at the gym when I need the extra motivation and energy
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