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This is FM FUNK MADDNESS!! — an album of songs by 18 FM synth enthusiasts from all over the world, personally selected by zinger (founder and maintainer of soundshock.se).

Bringing the combination of frequency modulated tones and catchy, funky grooves blended with a portion of jazz and idm, we cordially invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to a world where slap rumble drives the beating of your heart.


1. Shogun — V.S.O.P.M. (3:32) | VOPM

2. Blitz Lunar — Cascade Masquerade (4:11) | FM7, GXOPLL

3. Kulor — Fashion Queen (2:37) | DX-7

4. Keishi Yonao — Crush Roll (2:59) | VOPM

5.Torben “Metal” Hansen — Cascades (3:55) | FM8, Zebra

6. Bomb Boy — Ignition, Set, GO! (5:11) | Thor

7. Virt — Five Nine Seven Eight (4:30) | VOPM

8. hally feat. Seiko Kobuchi — utabism – a synthesizer boy (2:37) | Sharp X68000

9. Tsuyoshi Shimokura — FunkOsaka (2:42) | VOPM, MDX

10. Madbrain — Oskari the Heimfanker (4:38) | AdLib OPL3

11. Utabi Hirokawa — Stop and Go (Ubiktune edit) (3:22) | Sharp X68000

12. hizmi — Pendulum II (5:35) | Sharp X68000

13. Simon Stålenhag — Ripple Boogie (3:14) | FM7

14. zinger & bacter — Sky Stroll (3:59) | FM7

15. Dong — Mirror Maze (3:05) | Toxic, Freqatic

16. Louis G — The Enemy of My Enemy’s My Enemy / No Speed Trap (5:49) | VOPM

17. zabutom — Endorphemeral (3:24) | Operator

18. hex125 — pf (NRTDRV funk edit) (3:53) | Sharp X1

Artwork by Tsuyoshi Shimokura


Released under a Creative Commons-License

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This is madness indeed. Probably even better than ubi19 (if that was ever possible).

Really getting the funk vibes on this one, that's right up my alley, and that FM synthesis is simply delicious.

Blitz Lunar just broke my jaw with that Cascade Masquerade and Torben Hansen got me barrel rolling on the freaking ceiling with Cascades.

Oh, and did I mention that the cover art is made of pure win. Props to Tsuyoshi Shimokura.

But the real shock comes from the pricetag: can't believe that in this day and age one can listen to something this awesome for free.

If you haven't already, GET THIS ALBUM, NAO! :)

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Blitz Lunar just broke my jaw with that Cascade Masquerade

ooer, i hope i'm not held to account for hospital fees! seriously thanks :) great to see that you enjoyed it.

this release blows my mind too. i've listened to it through from start to finish probably 10 times or more. such a cool thing to be part of, really, and i'm humbled by the lineup. the reactions (particularly from the japanese audience via twitter) have also been incredible.

Oh, and did I mention that the cover art is made of pure win.

haha, yep. when i first saw it my jaw dropped in disbelief, then i burst out laughing. even now i stop and gaze at it for ages. totally cool. can't wait to see the hi-res version.

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yup. well. gosh :)

at the moment i don't know about names/sites for all of the guys who participated. this is what i have for now (minus virt):








http://www.16dimensional.com/wp/ (dong releases here)



no idea about shogun, tsuyoshi shimokura, utabi hirokawa or hex125. i don't know if hally has a personal site and i gather bomb boy did but doesn't at the moment.

hope that helps a bit.

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