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OCR02190 - Sonic the Hedgehog "April Rain"


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Mmmm.....nice and upbeat dance. Not too crazy but not overdoing it on the chill side either. Nice and smooth like.....well, April rain. Which is funny enough because I've been getting enough of that in the area right about now. But as much as I've had enough of that rain, I don't think I'll ever want this rain to go away. Great ReMix.

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The Cynic Project!! This guy was one of the first artists I latched onto during the MP3 craze in the early '00s. His "Matrix [Grid]" mix is still one of my favorites, though I lost my copy of the original mix of it.

Seeing his moniker now listed among the ranks of OC Remixers is a big deal for me. After I got all I could out of the music of his (that of which I could find) on the 'net, a couple years later I discovered OCRemix! I had a hunger for electronica, specifically dealing with vg remixes. I had no clue there was a community as vast as OCR and counted myself blessed (still do!) that was into VG Music as much as I. I've made an attempt at submitting, but I've since moved on out of the realm of musical composition trying to make my mark on the world with the written word.

Anyway, this is really cool. :) I'm glad Cynic's still making music and this mix is fantastic! Takes me back on a number of levels - sophomore year of college, discovering all the great music on the internet through the magic of the original Napster (yes, there was a time you got music from it for free) - back to childhood in the source music - just back to a simpler, more innocent time when I heard music like this every now and then but had no clue how to get a hold of any of it for myself.

Nice work, all around!

This. Completely. I still listen to The Matrix [Grid] songs on occasion.

I have a huge collection of his music from the old MP3.com website loaded on my mp3 player and archived somewhere on an old hard drive or CD.

Lo and behold, I'm perusing the recent submissions for anything that might catch my ear and I see a familiar name. One listen and I realize IT'S THE SAME CYNIC PROJECT remixing one of the most beloved (yet rarely remixed) videogame themes around. Sauceome!

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Wait wait wait, what? "The" Cynic Project. Wow. Double Take.

TCP has been one of my favorites since the Alex started it back in the 90s and I was in middle school (Matrix ]|[ (Trance Mix), anyone?). I own every album and still listen to it today, Soundscapes 2000 is one of the CDs in my car.

Do I even have to listen to this to know it's going to be awesome?

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02190 - Sonic the Hedgehog "April Rain"

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