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OCR Album requirements

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Even though I used Missingno as the example, I do realize it's happened before, and so that's why I wanted to discuss the whole thing in general. Because this is not really a review of the album, I didn't think it fair to clutter that thread.

The forum's called Album Comments/Reviews for a reason. Not everything will be a review, and it makes sense to bring up technical issues there. Like I mentioned, if you're having problems with FLACs on CD 2, we can't work with generalities, we need details:

* Which FLACs were problematic?

* What OS are you using?

* What's your process for burning FLACs, i.e. programs and methods?

* What error message did you receive?

* How many times did you try?

I have a FLAC checker (the name of which escapes me) that scanned for errors/integrity on every FLAC and that scan came up clean, so any issue there is surprising. So again, details are important, not just the expression of your disappointment. :lol:

For all we know, it could be your setup and not the files, or it could be the files in the torrent somehow got corrupted or the FLAC encoding got corrupted. Could be any number of things, but need specifics if we're to narrow it down.

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The way I see it is that the very fact that FLAC is offered at all is a bonus in itself. Also, the albums have a lot of work put into them, whether it's from directors like The Damned, remixers like Level 99 and Mustin, and compilers such as Larry. This stuff is free, as Mustin pointed out in his earlier post (albeit in a hilarious fashion) and if they don't want to do any of this, guess what? They don't have to. Remixers don't have to remix if they don't want to. Directors can cancel a project if they want to. Heck, Larry can choose not to release an album if he doesn't want to and can easily file it under one of a million different reasons, I'm sure.

Be glad that you're getting the albums at all, and be grateful. A lot of people are doing this with the only reward being gratitude and happiness from the listeners, without any financial incentive at all. This is all they get, yet you still whine and complain about there being a lack of FLAC. And because of you, you're taking all the flak for it.

Forgive me if what I said was wrong or out of line, but I just wanted to put in my two cents.

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I don't know, I don't really think the "you should be grateful for anything you're given you vicious little twerp!" approach is exactly the right approach to answer the OP, Mirby.

It's kinda like Funimation or something releasing a dvd of a series with 4 episodes for 40 bucks, and then saying "You should be thanking us for even DOING this for you! Don't complain!!!"

It's also like saying to some forum's administrator "Yo, this forum is really fucked up and lags like hell in Internet Explorer and Chrome" and getting the answer "WELL I USE FIREFOX AND EVERYTHING IS FINE FOR ME YOU SHOULD JUST STOP USING SHITTY BROWSERS HUH HUH HUH" (speaking from indirect experience). Though that point is also sort of a response to neblix's first post. In general those type of answers really rub me the wrong way.

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I think you both have a point. Yes, the OP should be grateful - and he did say he was as well - and OCR should probably get more credit for what they do right. Its very hectic behind the scenes I'd imagine, and they are doing this for free, for fans of VG music. But that doesn't mean that telling us about problems shouldn't happen, or that ocr should just decide "not to release an album" or w/e.

If you ask me, ocr are bound to make some sort of mistake at some point (like putting in the wrong MP3 of Drowning Blue) but shit happens, and instead of attacking ocr saying they "aren't professional enough" or that they don't have an acceptable degree of quality, people should respect the work that has gone into the release, tell ocr the problem without being a douche about it, and ocr will fix any issues that are wrong on their end.

Its all about methods of communication. People have the right to tell ocr if something is wrong with the release, but they don't have to bite the hand that feeds them to do it.

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