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Soul Calibur V

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I just had a breakthrough with the Just Guard timing.

Oddly enough it's extremely easy to pull off once you find that small moment right before the actual impact to press and release. If you do the just 2 move strings with alpha patroklos it's the same timing only instead of just pressing you have to press and release.

Now I just have to work on pulling it off while dealing with lag in online mode.

Still no Talim.

I've got a day off coming up finally. If i'm not working on music and anyone wants a couple of rounds at me my xbl is Gar1283.

Still pretty risky, if you get hit by Alpha Patroklos' second move in this just string, you can easily eat 100 damage.

That being said, there is a way to Just Guard safely. Double-tap the guard button and hold it the second time. If you had the timing OK on the first tap, you will just guard and otherwise, you'll just guard. If you do more than 2 taps or if you don't hold the guard the second time, it will not work.

This isn't as effective as Just Guarding with perfect timing/confidence because you'll have to hit confirm before punishing, but it's still better than nothing.

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