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I'm sufficiently intrigued.

I'm currently still setting up some new things for my studio at home but I might be interested in this. I'll be getting Guitar Rig pretty soon, and I've got an interface ready to record with, so its definitely in the cards. I don't know if I'm really a good enough shredder for this, but its something I'd like to try.

Could you perhaps put me as a maybe? I'm definitely considering this.

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That's sweet. That'll give a good varying range of styles.

Like one guy might be awesome at Jazz modal structures and be baller with that. And then someone can be all Neo-Classical.

Only problem would be when you choose when to play, when NOT to solo, and how to arrange the tracks to suit everyone's needs.

I think there should be divisions of certain people maybe...

Who knows. Like 3 peeps each on a track so it's not OVER cluttered with people.

There could be one awesome super collaboration track with 20 peeps.

I just feel it'd make it easier to do the tracks and keep everything organised.

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hey sorry for the grossly late reply my man, life has been going full throttle lately. that's a good thing! i'd definitely like to contribute a couple bars of guitar solo, just gimme the where and when

edit: here is an example of some of my playing so you can get an idea of where you want to throw me in. the link shows some improvisation over one of tensei's original tracks


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I must say, there's only one thing that stops this from being insanely awesome...

The fact that it would just be a solo the whole way through.

The way I see it, the arrangement behind the solo should shine as well.

Therefore, let's say that every track done is approximately 5 minutes long.

You would want 3 minutes of that to be solo.

Solos aren't interesting If that's all you hear. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

Hope this helps.

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