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OCR @ Otakon 2011! (July 29, 6PM, Panel 6 + July 30, FF: Distant Worlds!)

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What a joke!

Besides leaving behind a copious amount of recycling, some earbuds, a capo, and a random sweatshirt, the people who shared my homestead for Otakon 2011 left some of the most fantastic memories. BBQ was absolutely off the hook, Distant Worlds was awesome, the Nobuo interview was pretty unreal, the panel absolutely rocked (despite some sound issues), I had $44 dollars shoved down my shirt by the audience, hibachi was hilarious, and just playing games and hanging out in-general made the weekend a complete success.

Looking forward to having the same experience next year. Only better. Times 10.

And to those who were at the panel, thanks for being an amazing audience!

What a joke!

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I really liked all the Stevo thumbs ups given in that picture by the way. :D Well, that's who I automatically think of when I see one at least..

Man, OCR staff gets to meet some of the coolest people on earth. I'm so jealous I couldn't have gone.

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