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Witcher 2


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because the only games worth playing ever are japanese


I was more talking about OCR's bias to Japanese... stuff. Not my bias.

Sorry Amphibious! I'll migrate myself to your thread even though this game is probably good enough for more than one thread.


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I've played through it twice on hard and a third time on a sort of god mode. So good. Weird bugs, though. Lots of conversations with NPCs end with me standing in a campfire, covered in flames.

So wait, you can use god mode, like old school PC launch from the console? All of the brutal and punishing bosses are can be essentially bypassed? Hmm, I'll probably wait for the xbox 360 version, but the god mode intrigues me.

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i loved the first witcher when it came out, but no one seemed to have touched it from here.

you're right, though - it managed to combine the awesome and extensive skill tree, heavy difficulty, and deep and thoughtful characterizations of the first one with a really entertaining fast-paced action element. the most recent patch really improves the swordplay, i found.

i love that it's difficult without being cheap - i died on the first battle on normal about fifteen times before i figured out you actually had to block and roll, but i can rarely say i died of something dumb the game did.

the alchemy component isn't as good as it was in the first game, i think - i used a lot less potions, even though they're so easy to make compared to the first game where you had to track down and buy alcohol to create them. the secondary quests aren't as good as the first one, i don't think. i also don't like that they throw money at you so much - a big element of the first one was being super careful about your money so you always had enough to get some alcohol for potions, or that necessary book for a monster hunt, or saving up SO MUCH for a new piece of armor or a new sword. i kind of just bought whatever, and i always had enough.

as a whole, though? the game is awesome. incredible. easily one of the best of the year for me, although it's been a down year in all honesty so far, with little opportunity to get better from how many games got pushed to next year. when i first ventured into the woods outside the walls of the first village, i couldn't believe that the whole thing was so incredibly...unique. no copypasta areas, everything sculpted specifically for that one area alone. and so much detail! just incredible. graphics always get me, and this one didn't disappoint.

the ending was a bit poor, but when you're the middle entry of a trilogy, i kind of expect it to not answer everything. it'll be nice to see what new graphics enhancements they do with the next one.

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