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League of Legends: I finally updated the player list in the OP!


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I'm surprised there's no thread for League of Legends yet! It's a MOBA much like Heroes of Newerth, only the team behind it has some different views on game design/philosophy which make it a completely different game even though it follows in the DotA tradition. The game itself is free to play, with a revolving cast of 10 heroes (called Champions in LoL) that are freely available each week and the option to grind "Influence Points" (IP) to unlock champions at varying costs.

Player accounts have their own persistant level-up system, with each level unlocking a new rune slot as well as mastery point, runes must be purchased with IP while the mastery trees are available provided you have free points. At the summoner level cap of 30, these represent about 1/3rd of your power as a character in the game, although skill generally trumps stats.

Feel free to add me! My main account is garianse, and my smurfs are gariandk and flashfrozen if you want to roll normals without inflating your rating if you're just starting out.

Player List!

Garian: garianse, gariandk, flash frozen

Amphibious: Hoser101

eternal Zero: seizero, Final Sparkle

Bleck: DrBleck

Triad Orion

Kitty: Wozza the Walrus, Tonkatsu the Pig


SkyRiderX: Zurken

BardicKnowledge: RTBardic


Prophetik: prophetikmusic, p00d1ck

Zircon: cubic zirconium

K-wix: OrlparAmblecrown

Sir Nuts: Cagonaso, Un Cagon

Beatdrop: BeatdropMusic

The Derrit

bain_nick: Bainick


Vilecat: Vilekitty

Level99: IWasTheCastle

Dexie: DexVandar


Thylacine: Reiloh

The Author: Jeshen

SoDoM: Belenus7

The Cabl3 Guy: Seanith


Dyne: Dyne2057

DaMonz: TakuMonz

AMT: Crunch Butsteak


Yami: YamiNoKeshin

PrototypeRaptor: PrototypeRaptor2

Skyline Drop: SiriusBeatz

Diodes : diotrans

TheShaggyFreak : BinarySouls

eilios : gokusamadesu


Blake : Blizihizake

Ryan Jobson: Aloryn


DragonAvenger: DeiaVengen


Seven : Bironzu

ArmadonRK : Shreyk

Wiesty : Wiestyo

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That's really weird :\ Sorry that you haven't had a chance to play. Have you tried contacting their support? I haven't had much luck with them but maybe they've gotten better since last year when I emailed them.

The servers seem to be really out of whack tonight though so I'm probably not going to get any more games tonight, but here's hoping!

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Just finished some matches myself. For a free to play game I think its a pretty well made game. The mechanics work well and there are some really fun champions to play.

My in game name is Hoser101 (though looking in to getting it changed). I generally have a premade group with 4 other friends I know in real life, but I'm sure I'd be down for a game with any OCR goers out there at some point.

As far as champions go, here's the ones I've played the most in order of preference:

- Lux

- Irelia

- Janna

- Ashe

I've dabbled in other champions (and have a bunch unlocked), but rarely will I play someone outside of these 4. At least I've got 'em unlocked if I ever do get bored though.

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Ah, Heimer, the afk in lane for 20 minutes champ and farm up a fast Rabadon's and stack Archangel's champ! Back when he had 7 turrets he was good at surprise ganks in the enemy jungle, and now that he gets additional rockets and grenade projectile speed during his ult he's actually competent at ganking provided he has mid pushed all the way in.

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I play this. My summoner name is seiZero. Look me up! But if you're not level 30 or feeling up to playing your best to try and win my primary alt's name is Final Sparkle.

Unfortunately I'm not usually on to play unless I've already got a group going in. There are a bunch of ways to get a hold of me though (steam, fbook, PM, etc) so I'll gladly play as long as you can get a hold of me. The HoN crew can attest to the fact that I used to be pretty intense with games like this but I've mellowed out quite a bit in my opinion. I tend to play all of the carries (both AD and AP) and rack up kills and bring the team to victory by breaking enemy spirit but I have experience and can confidently play any hero in the lineup. That's both in their proper roles and then completely disregarding their role and playing them like a carry. Most notably I've done this by going solo mid with Shen or Amumu and just killing people. Though if I had to pick four at random I'd say (in no particular order) Akali, Warwick, [insert ranged AD champion here], and LeBlanc.

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eternal Zero, you're effectively the guy who made me quit playing HoN! It wasn't your fault, my team (In an all friends 5v5) cussed me out for feeding your Maddman mid as Andromeda! I'll definitely vouch that you're a playing for keeps kind of guy, which is pretty awesome.

My group has been stomping bots lately for the ego boost, but when I solo I tend to try my best. Sometimes I end up carrying, sometimes I am the feeder, that's more because I'm inconsistent in my skill than anything else. Lately I've been on a Jungle Yi kick, but I tend to try to fill in the roles that other people aren't playing. I haven't played Alistar since the remake but before it I was a great Towerstar (that is to say, Sheen and Youmuu's and the old ult).

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I play casually as well. Don't normally like to get extremely competitive over it admittedly. Summoner name is... Triad Orion. :V

I typically play Mordekaiser, Sona, Cho'Gath, Kayle, and Renekton when he's available. I hope to get into playing Mundo sometime too. ...He goes where he pleases.

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League of Legends is pretty fun.

I use Ashe exclusively.

I recently got Heroes of Newerth, a similar title. It's by far a better game than LoL in all aspects. Graphically, the characters, the skills, the maps, etc.

Any league fans should definitely give HoN a try.

Granted, HoN is 30 bucks and it is technically free to play LoL.

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I hope to get into playing Mundo sometime too. ...He goes where he pleases.

One of my friends plays Jungle Mundo now, it's effing awesome, although he thinks he'll burn out on it soon.

Mahon: I wouldn't say HoN is superior in ALL aspects, but yes the graphical design is definitely much much much better, and I have a gold shield so nyah. Try to keep HoN vs LoL to a minimum, I enjoy both games and would like to see people give both an equal chance :)

relyanCe: Bummer, do you have any verified info?

Also, if anyone wants to queue with me some time I am comfortable filling most roles, the only champs I seem to absolutely fail at using are Irelia and Trundle, but that may just be because of lane matchups when last I tried them. That doesn't mean I'll be particularly GOOD with just anyone, my primaries are Anivia, Tristana, Nidalee, Cassiopeia, Jungle Nunu (AP), and AP Gragas... That is to say, I can generally carry if I'm playing one of those champs :V

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relyanCe: Bummer, do you have any verified info?

no official word from the LoL team AFAIK, but the issue with the client has been resolved at this point.

quite a quick fix.

also, anyone interested in queuing with me, go ahead and add me (relyanCe)

Edited by relyanCe
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