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Chop Chop Master Onion - Parappa


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I'm no rapper, this will not be a rap, sorry to dissapoint, but it would probably be best if a fairly middle class white english guy stayed away from rapping...

Anyway! So here's what i've been working on


and the source (but i assume most people know it anyway?):

So I've kept alot of the original lyrics, rather than adding new ones in, turned the bass line into the main melody and added my own chord sequence.

As always I'd love to hear anyone's opinions on this. Enjoy!

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Another great mix from you. I'll second that there's some cleaning up that needs to be done to the vocals, since they don't seem to line up with the beat too well. It's like you line up the sound exactly at where it starts, but with vocal stuff it makes more sense to line up the beginning of the vowels to the beat - lining up the consonants make the vocal beats seem off.

I'd also like to see some more mechanical splicing of the vocal lines. I mean, you're going with the robo vocals, here - you best go all the way with it.

Admittedly, it doesn't sound too much like the source, to me. You should get a second opinion, but I think it's a touch liberal for the site. Maybe I need to give it another listen...

It's a neat idea for a classic track. Let's see some updaaaates :)

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I've heard some remixes on this site that stray pretty far from the source. I'm sure this is acceptable. It sounds great! That breakdown near the end is a great place to go nuts with slicing the vocal samples, as the others previously commented. I also agree that some of the vocal samples end up a little too muddy. The only one I thought was too far in that direction was the "punch" sample near the end. If that's a granulizer maybe lessen the wave spacing?

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