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DK2 - Bayou Boogie Remix

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Here is my as of yet, un-named remix of Bayou Boogie from DKC2.

I tried to intertwined each element and instrument in this mix, sort of using an approach which I learnt more so in chamber music.

Update: Ok, I think I'm done with this remix, made a few changes here and there, fixed a few notes that were questionably out of tune, and now I'm just settling on a name before it gets subbed. Will be my first solo sub =o





Thanks everyone for your help

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This is really great! :)

Violin sounds awesome, just as usual ;)

I really like what you do with the guitar, piano, violin, strings, etc. All the melodies, counter-melodies, chords, arpeggios, etc. blend very well together IMO (although spraying a few "emptier" parts here and there through the song might be a good thing).

The only real problem that I see is the drums. You definitely have to do something about them. They seem so far away, drowned by everything else. I think you should try to make them sound more present (they seem to be treated like an unnecessary accessory as they are right now). Maybe you should try layering your drum parts with additional sounds, or even just try different sounds. I'm not the best reference for this kind of thing, but that's what I'd do anyway ^^

I dig this :) keep it up!

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Oooooh man! I'm digging this already!

The Good:

The ambient mood is set right away. It's soothing and mellow. The piano is a dark timbre and the strings are authentic and subdued. The percussion is pretty minimalistic, but tasteful (good things here!). I like that it's got a good flow to it right off the bat.

There are some neat harpish sounding frills in the background. Yes!

I think the sound you got out of your guitar is superb, considering the style and sound of this mix. It's very much in line with the mood.

The overall arrangement is stellar. This is some easy listening and is the soothing, beautiful thing that music should be.

The Bad:

The kick has quite a bit of reverb on it and it sounds flat and lacking in bass. I'm not sure you'd want to pump that up a ton because that would upset the sound balance and mood, but you may want to cut the reverb down on it some and boost the lower freqs just a tad.

The cymbals at 3:03 on are suprisingly dry compared to the rest of the material. A fair amount of reverb can really make these harsh hits more characteristic of the mix and add some desperately needed depth.

The buildup section at 2:39-3:02 is good writing, but the soundscape starts to sound muddied and really full. I don't know if it's overcompression, or if it might be hard limiting on the master track simply due to all of the increased volume. Some EQ cuts in this section could help rectify the situation if done well. If your instruments crowd each other, it can sound a little muddy.

Other Thoughts:

As I said earlier, the arrangement and writing itself are top notch. Bravo! The only criticisms I had were all production issues rather than writing/originality/arrangement. I think with some minor tweaks to those sections will take this from superb to AWESOME.

Great work. Look forward to hearing the next iteration.


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Man this is absolutely amazing! Very beautiful track. I'm not sure if liked both your kick and snare. Try experimenting with another set (things that go well with Chillout style with snare having a little more reverb/delay).

Having said that, even if you don't change that, I'd still love it. excellent work!

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Drums sound played hard yet mixed soft and distant, you could try some other samples and/or make the drums a little more prominent in the mix. Violin is a bit soft some of the time. Overall, the mixing could use some fixes, but the arrangement is really cool. Drum issue aside, this is a nice sound design. Nice work. :D

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Thanks for the comments guys, really helpful stuff since my ear isn't well trained yet at picking out what percussive elements should be doing in a song.

I'm a bit happier with where the percussion sits in the piece now. Playing dk2 again so I can upload a movie of Krem Quay to go along with the song =D

Thanks for the comment Rukunetsu =)

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