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Eight Bit Strange Final Bit Released!

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Hi peoples, I recently wrote the soundtrack to this short animated series episode called Eight Bit Strange. The episode is finally online now at Gametrailers! There's a couple of issues with the production that we couldn't remedy due to time constraints (the biggest one being the sound mixing). Other than some minor flaws I think it's pretty good though.

Care to give it a watch?


Thank you!

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That was awesome. Very nice work integrating so many themes to the style of MGS. You got me laughing with the ship, though - brilliant crossover.

Great work to the whole team (and especially to you for the music, since... you know, it's the music, and this is a VG music site, and... yeah).

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Been following 8bit Strange since the very first episode, and it hasn't stopped getting better and better.

From all the humor and subtle VG references/cameos, to the impecable animation and attention to detail, I loved it.

I was worried the format wouldn't translate well in a feature film, but my worries just vanished and this Final Bit went away in a flash.

@Rexxz: The intricate merging of so many source tunes from so many well-known games was very impressive imho.

The overall quality of the episode was consistent throughout and I had a blast watching it.

I just about lost it when Snake summoned Chuck Norris. Brillant. :nicework:

Congrats to all the 8bit Stange team for an awesome season 1.

Eagerly awaiting the second season. :grin:

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Thank you for the positive response folks, it's been a blast making the episode. I was thinking about releasing the soundtrack but I'm not sure it would be terribly interesting, since each scene is so short. One idea I had was to create extended mixes of each track, but I need to start working on other things soon and I'm not sure if I'll have the time to do it quickly. If enough people want it I think I'd do it though!

I'm eagerly anticipating working on season 2. I'll try my hand at writing this time, and I'll also be handling all audio mixing as well. Each episode is going to return to the 1:30-2:00 length shorts, but we'll also have a really epic season finale just like this one. Expect a lot more characters too!

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