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  1. I really loved what you did in this track. Barmusic is on of, if not THE favorite track of duke nukem for me. I am anxious to a full releases Is there a date already?
  2. you have achieved something so great that even I cannot comprehend. All of the album itself is an achievement. I love all of your works in the album. You just blow up my mind
  3. If you cold share your last tracks from the last episode that would be cool. I really loved all those songs and the ending theme too. I repeated it a lot
  4. will you release or share the soundtrack with us.It is pretty good and coooool:grin:
  5. I 'm waiting for your episode 2. I loved this one very much. When are you planning the release?
  6. Hey djpretzel. I donwloaded this song back in 2003. Must say this song is lovely for me. I just don't know what you did, but every time I hear this song I feel like I'm traveling in time backwards and start to make a journey on my childhood, more precisely in 1994. Really. Maybe it is teh kind of electronic you used in it. The song itself is vry nostalgic for me. One of my favorite tracks arround here. I would love to see a "Trick Track" remix by of Phantasy Star Online EP2
  7. We have been able to catch all streets of rage essence. This is a great remix and far of, my favorite of some of the remixes on this community. I would love to see more streets of rage remxed by you. I was really fond of your description of everything you made on the song. It is really great. 5 5TAR5:grin::razz:
  8. I totaly forgot to post here. This was one of the most waited albums ever for me. I must congratulate you all ofr this great job. "Morning, Thinker" is one of my favorites of your album. Maybe because of the AC3 complex i have XD. I just love this album. I give you 5stars, "Very Unique" tagg and "Genious" tagg.
  9. You wanna know the creepy thing. I broke up with girl for 5 months and emotionally I'm still a mess, and your remix made me remember a lot our good things spent together. I give 5 stars for this song. It really is one if my favorite remixes on ocremix comunity.
  10. This is a pretty cool work guys. Although I am more addicted on samus aran track
  11. This is very good. Why there is no more rmix of duke nukem. Ths game surely needs more remixes. Departure and Pissed office box would be great euro techno remix or any other kind of tune remix. This is a nice work;) I enjoyed it a lot.
  12. Anyone has these songs? I wanted to hear them
  13. I'm curious about this one. But I can't download
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