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OCR02589 - *YES* Sonic 3D Blast 'PaNic AttaCk' *RESUB*


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Contact Information

Blue Magic

Damon Campbell



Submission Information

Sonic 3D Blast

Panic Puppet Zone

Original Song: http://youtu.be/QWHluhvS3D4

Comments: This is basically a re-submition of my Pannic (yes, with two n's) Attack remix that I made back when I was really noobish.

Here is the original decision by you guys: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2242&highlight=blue+magic


It was really difficult to go back and read over those comments, but I kept trying and learning, and over the years I've improved a little bit, imo. So, I think I'm ready to try it again.

I was influenced by alot of Deadmau5e's work and I decided to do a little experimenting. At first, I was just making a dance beat, but as time went on, I started to integrate bits and pieces of the Panic Puppet song into it. It wasn't really my intention to even submit this, but I started liking the groove and I got alot of positive feedback on it. So, here goes nothing!

Greatly appreciate you hard work, and thanks for listening.

LT EDIT (9/5/12): Turns out Damon forgot about the update and the project file is lost, but he did have an MP3 render of a previous update, and we can judge that.

Hey LT, I got your email about the Sonic 3D Blast track I submitted.

Due to some CPU problems, I lost the updated version of the mix that I was working on (and quite a few other projects), and the wav. samples I used. The only thing I had backed up was a bare-bones version. I attempted to redo the whole thing from scratch, but I couldn't replicate the wobble bass that I previously made and I was still having issues with the EQing.

I'm honestly not too sure, but I got pretty positive feedback on it.

Thanks for following up with me on this, man. I seriously forgot about this submission.

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I'm definitely not hearing the issues that was noticed over 7 years ago. ;-)

This has a lot of dubstep traits, but it's in a more subdued style that feels pretty nice. The track does feel slightly repetitive from a soundscape angle near the end, but it doesn't kill the pretty solid groove and attention to details, and overall, I am feeling this, dawg. I do think a little additional sonic variety in the form of a switched up lead would be an improvement, but this is solid enough to pass. :-)


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I noticed my mix was still in the queue.

Is it possible for you to remove my Sonic 3D Blast resubmission from the To Be Judged queue?

I would like to take some time to take care of some issues that I've been having with my EQing. I recently discovered a problem with my headphones and computer's sound output settings that may have cause some issues with all of the songs I've worked on as of late.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could remove the song while I try to get things sorted out.


On hold until Damon reworks some production issues he's hearing.

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Seemed to open OK. The mixing was a little muddy, and some of the synth squeaks came across as abrasive. The piano at :39 sounded pretty similar to :41 of the original's, which was a deduction as far as the arrangement standards, IMO. I think enough else is done in terms of varying the lead and interpreting the theme to get away with it, but it did almost come off as sampling due to how close the two pianos sounded. The added warmth to the piano in Damon's take was an improvement on the more mechanical sound of the source. More synths added around :55 to add some new writing ideas in the background.

The core beat is pretty bare, but there's enough going on around it to compensate, even if it still feels a bit empty to me despite the number of things going on.

Switchup at 1:27 with some cool Sonic SFX cameos and some light dub-wub elements. The mixing's still too piercing, but the changeup to the piano-centric stuff sounded pretty nice. Didn't like the way the note changes worked for the synth lead from 2:16-2:31, but it's not a big deal in the big picture, even though the timing sounded too stiff.

3:07 felt a bit like a cut and paste of :39's section, but the overall level of interpretation was solid. The one thing killing me is the mixing and those piercing higher frequencies. They get on my nerves, but with the volume taken down a bit, it doesn't have that same negative effect, so it might just be something that sticks out at full volume. Not ideal and those issues pull it down to borderline, but I believe the arrangement carries it.

8 years later, and this sounds nothing like that first sub. It even has dubstep elements that weren't mainstream back in 2004. I'm glad you didn't listen to me and kept it in the back of your mind for all that time, only to create something a lot stronger after a lot of musical growth. It really makes it worth the wait.

YES (borderline)

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I feel like overall this has a pretty neat vibe compared to the original. It comes across as a bit understated due to the lack of many dynamic and tempo shifts, and I'd have liked a little bit more of either. Coming across even a little bit minimalist in terms of sounds and structure, I think this one shows some good qualities that people will enjoy. Very chillaxing.


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