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Sonic 3 Death Egg Funk


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Whoopsy doo, totally fixed. Thanks.

Thanks. Let's check this out now :-)

Ahh, I remember your name. Your Little Nemo mixpost has always really stuck with me. This one's got a really different flavor, but I dig it. But man, you're mastering sooooo quietly, it looks like it's peaking at just over -20 db here, which is way below where it should be at. Bring up the loudness a bit, unless something is just really weird with my setup (which is a definite possibility. I'd like to get someone to double-check here.)

Pretty fun arrangement and treatment of the source, though at 4:49 it's a pretty long arrangement. Perhaps longer than it needs to be, I don't think it would be impossible to lop off a minute or so here without losing anything important from the mix. Some real nice solo sections and breakdowns really keep things interesting here, I love the rhodes quite a bit.

The production overall might be a bit too rough for what OCR is going for, but thankfully you've got some more full-sounding synths than just the genesis sounds, so I don't think that part's gonna be an issue.

I'd say, tweak the mastering and see if you can slim down the arrangement just a bit, and we'll see if this is ready for submission after that. Pretty great work though dude, great to hear more tunes from you!

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Cool beans, thanks Emu.

It's definitely quiet, noticed that not too long ago myself so it's not you. I planned to go back and remaster at some point so I left it as is. I pretty much concur with your feedback. I've contemplated cutting from the section right before the last transition so I'll see how that works.

I'll revert it back go Fin for now until I get to it.

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Sooooooooooo, I was perusing the "currently in the judging process" thread this fine evening and guess what I saw?

Sep 2011 - Sonic 3 'Funky Side Up'
Hell fuckin' yes sir. I see you went with my name suggestion too, that's a fine choice ;-)

Good luck on the panel! Did you do the re-mastering you mentioned in the last post, or did you sub the most recent version posted here?

EDIT: nevermind on the remastering question. I should check the first post :) I assume that's the final version?

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