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Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album

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The Metroid Database, a Metroid site that I frequent, posted up a review of the album:


Nothing super-duper indepth, and it's mostly positive with some reservations/critiques (I'm sure we're all mature enough to know that not everyone will like every track on a fan album~), so hopefully no posts after this just say "MAN THAT GUY IS AN IDIOT FOR NOT LIKE SO-N-SO'S STUFF"

I wish I hads da moneys to get this, because A) the previews sound simply scrumptious, and B) the prospect of a 13-minute Joshua Morse Metroid remix sounds godly. Heck I might when I get paid on Friday, and when I get Christmas money...

All the same, Metroid is (despite my sig and avatar) my all-time favorite game series, so the more fan-albums (by top-notch remixers, I might add) the better!

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That's what a Limited Edition is all about! Also, buying off of Bandcamp is much better for the artist and the consumer since as a consumer, you can get whatever format you like and bonus items like the complete album artwork instead of just the cover art offered by iTunes and Amazon. And the artist gets more of the share where iTunes takes over 30%. It is my hope that everyone will switch to Bandcamp. It's better for everyone!

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