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OCRA-0027 - Mega Man 9: Back in Blue

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This album, above all else, sparks my interest in a Mega Man 10 album. What's the likelihood of such an album?

I was very inspired by 9's soundtrack, and really felt it deserved a better showcasing. That's one of the main reasons why I started the project and for some reason, 10 didn't quite hit me the same way, its still pretty good... but not quite as fantastic as 9 in my book.

That being said, I do have my eye on another project to start down the road, but its not Megaman.

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Great album. A tasty variety of genres and different styles, easily holds up from start to finish and maintains interest. k-wix really nailed it with this project. If I were to pick some favorites, they oughta be Smooth As Honey, Origami Robots, Cool Burn, Splash Waltz and The Skull Fortress.

Speaking of Splash Waltz, it apparently didn't qualify to OCR. Neither was it posted in the flood nor separately. Let me ask why?:tomatoface:

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