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Your string gauge and favourite picks

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Ernie Ball strings for life! 10-46 for standard tuning on my Strats and Ibanez, 11-48 for standard tuning on my Gibson SG, and 11-54 for lower tuning. Green Dunlop Tortex picks, .88mm.

green tortex .88mm were my shit for a long time. i don't even remember why i switched to jazz iii but now i'm too used to the tinier size and i can't play with regular sized picks anymore. but those green picks will always have a special place my heart.

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I use Curt Mangan Pure Nickel .11 - .48 on my standard/drop-D electric guitar.

I currently use (though I am looking for a way to get this in Curt Mangan) .130 .105 .85 .70 .50 for my five string

.105 - .50 for my four string (curt managns)

.12 - 52 on my acoustic (also curt)

.56 - .11 on my drop -C guitar. (ernie balls, got em extra cheap)

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I've never saw what made them better than any other string out there, but it seems like everyone has a boner for them.

I also don't see what makes Elixir or D'Addario better than any other brand.

I prefer them mainly because they don't sound as rattly as GHS (what I used to use) on EMG pickups. I also tried a set of standard Bullets a while back, sounded like crap even compared to the GHS's. D'Addario's were on my C-1+ when I bought it, some typically-gauged set, and I didn't like the sound nearly as much as the ST/HB strings I normally use. I think it has a lot to do with finding strings that compliment your setup, and Ernie Ball makes a LOT of different string sets, so as a result, a lot of people turn to that brand.

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Dunlop Jazz III picks all the way, 1.18 mm

I use Dean Markley strings, medium gauge for my electrics (.11-.48 )

I use Elixir Nanoweb strings on my acoustics, usually custom light's unless I'm down-tuning, then I'll use regular/medium gauges.

I should add that I recently tried Ernie Ball - Not at all slinky for my baritone guitar, and I'm finding them quite awesome. I may end up switching my standard guitars to Ernie Ball if their normal gauges are decent as well.

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Main pick is a Red Bear "lil' jazzer". Absolutely beautiful picks. $20 each but they just don't wear out at all. Been using mine for 6 months now and it's still perfectly bevelled. It's about 1.6mm. I've ordered a few more (the guy takes ages to make them) in slightly thinner sizes.


I also use Jazz III's (not XL), and I try to use generic shitty plastic ones from time to time 'cause they're useful for recording. Hella scratchy but mega attack noise can be useful.

I've also got a few v-picks in the mail. $4 little acrylic things, but people keep favourably comparing them to jazz III's so thought I'd give them a bash.


I did a strings shootout recently between:

Ernie ball




Rotosound Yellows 10-46 won by a country mile for electric despite being fairly low-price. If you currently play ernie balls give them a go, similar feel but just feel better/last longer. Elixir won for acoustic.

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DR MT-10 (10-46) on my SG. I used to try a lot of strings, and these just happen to be my preference.

I use the green Dunlop Tortex picks (0.88mm) but I just got a package in my university mailbox which I think is my two Red Bear picks. (heavy Big Jazzer Plus, which is a slightly larger version of the Jazz III picks since I can't use small picks for the life of me, and a medium Classic II Plus pick, which is a bit closer to the Tortex picks I'm used to). I guess I'll be finding out how awesome they are. Thanks again to Fishy for the recommendation.

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Lately it's been Ernie Ball 11-54s with a 70 for my 7th string (I typically use D'addario 11-52s, but I can't find them in stores around here and I haven't felt motivated to make an online order lately.) Mostly use Dunlop Max-Grip carbon fiber Jazz IIIs, occasionally Ultex Jazz IIIs, and even rarer nylon Jazz IIIs.

Oh, and I tune 1 and 1/2 steps down...C# through low G#...and I've been writing a lot in drop F# lately.

I may have to look into those Red Bear picks if they seriously don't grind down.

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Elixir and D'Addario strings, 10-46. Dunlop Jazz III picks. My skin is allergic to nickel so I play Elixirs 99% of the time. I keep one of my guitars strung with D'Addarios for session work and other critical work where the string tone is really important (I just think they sound better).

Ernie Ball strings are good but they go dead way too fast.

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Jazz picks or 1.5-2.4 picks on my electric.(hell I want the 5mm that David Wallimann has. That V pick looks awsome!)

and thin picks like .88-1.1 on acoustic.

my strings are usually .9 120 elixers or sometimes .10s

I like a little hight on my action: I can feel my strings better and the tone is more full to me.

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Funny you should mention a 5mm v-pick... Plus my new red bears arrived. Here's the whole family :3.


And just to show how thick that mofo is:


For clean tones that thing is fat as hell, really useful studio pick for when the sound isn't quite right and you want to try something different.

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