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OCR01361 - Star Fox "Fortuna Favors the Funk"


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I agree that it's close to the ol' "Love Hurts" as far as overall musicianship. Took me awhile to realize until the next day, since I was fatigued listening to so much other music the night before. The lead synth is more pleasing than the one in "Make Me Dance", and the overall mixing of sound is better.

I think for the offbeat claps, it's better to treat the whole track as if those are always there, and then be pleasantly surprised that the constant groove is present for the rest of the piece, rather than being disappointed via the other way around! Perspective! That section is always going to be confusing to anyone who is first listening to it or hasn't listened in a long time.

It's got more enjoyable sections than The Sveldt, too. Overall, it's worth your time! Especially if you love the imagery of that disastrous level of Star Fox being turned into a funk land. (Actually I beat that level first try the other year, but maybe it was dumb luck, or it could've been that it's easy. I seem to remember some bird randomness bringing quite some chaos when younger.)

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