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Mega Man 3 - Snake Man psytrance remix


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Agree'd - great title. The song is pretty sweet, too - I love the arrangement choices, in this, too. Very awesome use of chiptunes, neat glitching, solid beat.

If I were to drop some critique (which is what I tend to do), I'd say the beat was a little too consistent for it's own good. Maybe it's a part of the genre, I dunno, but it just got old after five minutes of it. A couple more breakdowns would help considerably, or possibly the addition of a breakbeat in a section or two to change it up at least a little. Your call - that's just how I feel about it.

IF you wanted to sub this to OCR then the vocal clips would probably need to go, as awesome as they are. Site policy is not to accept material from licensed sources, so you'd get nailed on it. That's if you wanted to submit, though - that's up to you (I personally could see this as having a shot, given you take the voices out and vary the drums a bit more).

Love the untz. Keep it coming. :-D

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