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  1. Lots of Bowser themes, but where is the bower?
  2. Downloaded, it's outstanding. I have no musical knowledge so I can't help you there, but I would be very happy to get this off the site.
  3. Beginning sounds like South Park characters. Wicked.
  4. Don't you even think about changing that name. Since it's more of a generic dungeon theme in the game, if you want to make it specific to Alph, consider incorporating Unknown sprite noises or maybe the 'mysterious radio signal'. I can't remember what it sounds like, but it could help. The DS remakes altered the theme slightly as well, but it probably wouldn't be much help, especially since the mix is 'finished'. Sounds great.
  5. The quality is great. The last minute or two needs a lot more punch, since right now it's almost totally identical to the first half. Anything to make that last stretch some unique and more engaging will get a download out of me.
  6. Can't believe there were people who disliked the guitar section.
  7. Just going from memory, I think there's some great parts of the original track that I couldn't detect here at all, which wouldn't be that big a deal, but the sections that were used repeat a lot. Nonetheless, as a casual listener, I wouldn't be disappointed getting this off of the main page.
  8. That's a great original arrangement idea for this song. The steel drum (?) is a little odd, and if there are other options for choir samples, then I'd look into that.
  9. I'd love to hear some of this arranged a little more (mostly Namine), and it could be one of my favourite mixes. I almost audibly squealed when I read the thread title.
  10. I almost always don't like vocal remixes... however one of the only ones that I do like is a You're Not Alone cover. I'd wager most would probably enjoy a lead guitar more, since as good as the singer is, lyrics will make or break it, and they usually break it. Still following it no matter what since the production is really good.
  11. This was one of my top 3 tracks from that album. I'd be very disappointed if they didn't let this through. Never had any problem picking out the theme, but then I'm a big fan of more abstract remixes.
  12. I was alarmed when I read the.... lyrics first. But didn't even notice them during the track, so no harm done. It's an incredible song.
  13. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=27078 The Megaman X series project. All tracks are completed, though I can't imagine why they wouldn't accept bonus tracks. Then again I don't know anything about their processes etc.
  14. HMM GEE WHIZ I WONDER WHAT GUITAR HERO SONG THAT WAS LOL ahem. Anyways, it was a good fit for this mix, whether or not OCR would care for that being there is debatable. I love the arrangement, I think I'm hearing a lot of crackle. I don't think it's my headphones, I played a couple of other rock tracks to make sure that wasn't the case. It may be Newgrounds or it may in fact be the track itself. I'm not qualified to give any technical advice, just dropping my one cent. I'll be following this expectantly. Probably too late to get it bundled in with Maverick Rising, huh? Though at this rate it fells like it's becoming the Duke Nukem of OCR.
  15. I was surprised to see this at the top of the board again, and more surprised to see it rejected. However, listening on Beats (not perfect, not terrible) with my equalizer set to Powerful (with a bit extra on the low end) I'm not hearing as much bass as I'm expecting from a song of this style. There's lots of great noise, but most of it's not bass. That ending is great.
  16. lol. You really took Roz's advice to heart, huh? I like the electric piano a lot. Following the melody when it first comes in was a little tricky, since after it finishes once, the repeat comes so suddenly, maybe some more pause between each would help, and give the classical piano some brief solo periods. The interlude, before it even got there, reminded me immediately of the one in the Frigate track, which is not a bad thing in the slightest.
  17. Still very good. I enjoyed 2:00 to 2:30 a lot, kept it from feeling too long for the source.
  18. Wow, I haven't heard it since V2, I wouldn't be disappointed in the least to download this off of the front page. I wouldn't say no to an ethereal/underwater-sounding pad in the intro to get the 'sunken' feeling going right away. Maybe start with a a bubbly submerging sound or something, sounding similar to how you jump into the water in-game? An outro featuring the chime sounds from 1:45 fading out would be a pleasant ending, I think. Or at least having the piano roll echo away. At any rate, as a casual listener, I think it's great.
  19. Every anti-SOPA petition thing I end up at is tailor-made for US residnets only. Any notable ones for anyone as far away as Canada?
  20. The new interlude is outstanding. The bars in the melody between 1:32 and 2:00 are still spaced awkwardly for me. I went back for the first time and listened to the original track, and I'm not sure what it is besides the tempo. Still thinking the last couple notes should echo out more quietly. Even in the original song that spot is a bit strange, with two pairs followed by three with equal spacing. It may just be a peculiarity of mine if no one else brings it up, though. Still, great improvement in the middle.
  21. Metroid Prime definitely is not under-appreciated. Neither is the theme, though it is not remixed enough. This is extremely good. My ears felt like they were being scratched at 1:10. Also, I'd say the notes starting at 1:32 need to be spaced a little differently, or echo in a noticeable way. If I didn't already know how the song went, I wouldn't be able mentally to separate one set from the next. They're in groups of 5, but sound like they'd be in 4's. I apologize for being awful at explaining things. I'll be watching this mix expectantly.
  22. Not sure which lead I like better actually, the new one still sort of sounds like it's coming from a SNES. The mixing has drastically improved, though, things are coming into focus. Can't tell how much the drums have changed, but at the beginning at least, they're still not too strong. We could really use some stronger bass percussion I think, a good kick drum or something to make the song hit a little harder in general. Bear in mind I have about no technical knowledge here, but strictly as a fan, that's what I'm hearing. Also looking forward to Live & Learn still, find a good guitar for it?
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