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OCR02340 - Final Fantasy VII "BadAzz"


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Holy crap. I'm gonna start this by asking Prototyperaptor to marry me.

I don't even like the source material. I can't stand "One Winged Angel".

This is the polar opposite of what One Winged Angel is. The phat beats and synths are sooo cool.

The arrangement is great. Deriving from the source in all the right ways.

The mix builds up at the beginning to the infamous "SEPHIROTH" in a way unimagined before.

Not sure if it's a vocoder or a talkbox or whatever. Don't care. It's just plain Badazz.

The section at 1:40 is perfect. Changing the feel entirely.

I can't say enough about this mix. But I'm not gonna leave an essay here because no-one cares. Haha

All in all. I can't get enough of this man. Keep it up!

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