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Zelda's Dubstep Lullaby


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Overall... I think it's a bit too messy and muddy. You need to EQ and get the lows to sound really phat, the highs to sound crisp, a lot less competition in the mid freq range, and for there to be less competition between instruments in general. Those arpeggiations are bugging me.

And Rockos is right, the synths might be a little too "default sounding".

I wouldn't recommend submitting.

Also I can't tell if YouTube is messing w/ the quality somewhat, so I'd suggest linking to the mp3.

Also I like the transition from lullaby to Zelda 1, it was unexpected, but it fits really well with the WUB WUB bass.

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SUGGESTIONS ARE AWESOME! Thank you guys. I'll get to work on using the EQ to thin out the mid range a bit and phatten up the bass. TheRexAsaurous, I can take out the hey listen if you'd like. I personally like Navi tho :P I uploaded the first version of the song (which doesn't have "HEY LISTEN" in it and is less mastered) to soundcloud so here's that link: soundcloud version

And I'm going to tweak this and hopefully have a updated version and then post that link. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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