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Piano sound samples


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dunno if it's the best, but i currently want this one:



as far as huge piano libraries go, i only have old black grand by acoustic samples. it's awesome but a grand it aint, or not your typical one anyway. more of a mellow jazzy sound.

the piano market is so oversaturated though. everyone's probably just gonna tell you what he's using, so i recommend you head on to kvraudio.com and ask there. because most people on there couldn't live with just one or two piano libraries. gotta catch em all ^^

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I have been using Alicia's Keys for the past 6 months; fairly inexpensive in comparison to other patches, works well when used alone and comes with some meat custom settings. It's a Kontakt piano so it requires the player to use it, which one can get from the Native Instruments website for free.

The only drawback is that it's very delicate in texture, so you may need to keep looking if you want something for more aggressive sounding works.

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What kind of piano do you like?

Different manufacturers have different sounds.

Personally, I love the sound of Steinways. My ex-girlfriend loved the sounds of Yamahas.

Alicia's Keys is a sampled Custom Yamaha C3 and it has that bright sound that is indicative of Yamahas. (But as you say, is probably a little more delicate than a C7, which is the Yahama sampled in QL Pianos).

QL Pianos, by the way, is the most thoroughly sampled Piano library on the market. About 60GB of samples per piano.

When I was looking for a piano, I didn't want to spend the money on QL Pianos, and I'm not a fan of PLAY software. So I got the Galaxy Vintage D, which is a sampled Steinway Model D.

I like it because you can hear the vintage signal chain in the recording process but still comes through clean. It has a warm low-end and a delicate high-end.

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