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OCR Mascot Bios - 20 more up for grabs!


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Once again I sincerely apologize for being such a lousy project leader during these last.. er... 6 months or so (more?). I'm currently in the middle of moving so I still have my computer in a box. Give me another few days to look through the new edits. I cannot thank you enough for what you've done for this project - the three of you have each contributed much more than I have.

Again, I'll be back in a few days, and am sorry for always being thus.

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One way to cross-check these edited bios is to pluck stuff out, one detail at a time, and tie some of them into bigger issues / questions at the end. In this case, an asterisk * after a comment references a rule I think should be checked (at the bottom) so that other bios can follow suit, if needed. That way I won't have to expose the same nitpick within the first 50+ bios if you guys don't agree with it.

So let's start with the first 10, from the Doom Trooper to Sora (comments after a plus + are compliments ;-))...

Doom Trooper

+ I liked the term "threequel" in Dafydd's original bio, but since the word means second sequel, and Doom 3 retells the first story (and isn't a story continuation of Doom II), "third installment" fits better, so props on that. And well done re-ordering sentences for better flow (character first, series second).

- In the games list, Doom II's full title is Doom II: Hell on Earth.*

- The link to The Ultimate Doom (italics)** game manual is broken, so try this: http://downloads.planetmirror.com/pub/replacementdocs/Ultimate_Doom_-_Manual_-_PC.pdf

Sonic the Hedgehog

+ I like how you answered WHY Sonic replaced Alex Kidd in the first and last sentences. Looks like you imagined readers asking that question based on how Rexy worded it, so you fleshed it out a touch. That helps.

+ Neat, the protein named after Sonic is included in the links. That's a bonus for Sonic fans.

- I think the "(Master System)" detail after the second Sonic 2 game need not be there; it's already listed under the Sega Master System.

- "Sonic 3D Blast " (Saturn game) - There's a misplaced space between the 't' and the 2nd open square bracket.


+ Thanks for splitting the hairs between the SMB2 character and the Mushroom retainers. Now readers won't be taken by surprise when they read what's on the 1st Reference link's page.

- I think everyone knows by now that Princess Peach is Toadstool's real name... change?

- "...after all but the last of the boss battles with Bowser" (add the bold tags)

Diddy Kong

· I'd prefer the first iteration of Luigi to be bold, but that's just me.

· Would it be easier to read if the Game Boy appearances were above the N64 ones? They come 1st alphabetically and by release years.

- Wikipedia and IGN say Donkey Konga was released in 2003 in Japan (and Donkey Konga 2 first came out in 2004).***

- The full titles for DKC2 and 3 are Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

- "Donkey Kong Land 3" uses the Roman numeral III in its title.

Joanna Dark

- Perfect Dark Instruction Booklet (italics)**

Strider Hiryu

+ Wow, looking from Psychotic Ninja's words to the polished version... that's some sturdy re-ordering.

+ Smart move on keeping the release year of the first Strider system-specific. Even though the arcade version came first, in 1989, the link leads to the ReMix list of the Genesis port, released in 1990.

- "Pictured from" line --> Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes*


- Squaresoft is now Square Enix (update).****

- "The chocobos' first appearance is in..." should read "The chocobo's first appearance is in..." (apostrophe change) since it's talking about the singular figure of a chocobo. If it was about more than one, it would read "Chocobos first appear(ed) in..."

- Chocobo's Dungeon was first released in 1998 in Japan.***

- "Chocobo Land : A Game of Dice" (extra space btw) first came out in 2002 (again, Japan).

- Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA is, namely, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (to differentiate it from the PlayStation predecessor).


+ Cool how you slipped the Japanese name (Balrog) from the top line down to the first bio sentence.

· The Japanese martial art is apparently called "Ninjutsu" (Capitalized, with two 'u's). A lot of people misspell it "ninjitsu" though.

· Interesting choice with the Greek letter α in your Street Fighter EX plus α title. It's also written "Alpha" and "@," both of which are also correct (the latter shows up on OCR's respective game page).

- Remember, the image must be the [/images/template/ocr4_mascot] path. (Don't know why Psychotic Ninja uploaded some mascots to his Photobucket account in the first place...)

- "Street Fighter II at Arcade-History" (add the hyphen)

Deku Link

+ "Admittedly easy" is right. Clean, clear, and simple. No complaints here. :-)


+ At the time of posting, saying when the next game in the series will be out or when the franchise will retire in a bio sounds good, but alas... time marches on. And so too must future predictions be removed from final bios. In other words, wise of you to cut out the tidbit of Kingdom Hearts 2's "anticipated" debut.

· I saw you cut the end slash / from the 2nd reference link url. Is that a personal preference? If entered in the address bar sans slash it would be tacked on anyway...

- "He first appeared as the hero of Kingdom Hearts." (Italics!)

- Kingdom Hearts II = released in 2005 (earliest)

* While full titles aren't necessary in the body of the bio, I think they should be present in Appearances lists and "Pictured from" lines.

** I appreciate how you italicize not only game titles, but series names as well, even when they're informal / truncated (i.e. (DK) Country series, Mario series). As I understand it, the only time italics are left off of game titles is when they're part of page headers in the References list. Is that correct?

*** I'd lean towards listing the earliest release year when applicable. Japan often receives their luxury a year before the rest of the world.

**** For the sake of consistency, let's write the most recent name / hybrid of the original company / creator of a mascot, because links to their homepages give away their current status (Square Enix, SNK Playmore, Namco Bandai Games, etc.)

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* While full titles aren't necessary in the body of the bio, I think they should be present in Appearances lists and "Pictured from" lines.


** I appreciate how you italicize not only game titles, but series names as well, even when they're informal / truncated (i.e. (DK) Country series, Mario series). As I understand it, the only time italics are left off of game titles is when they're part of page headers in the References list. Is that correct?

That's correct. When editing I realized I have a primal desire to italicize titles, especially if they're truncated as you say. I savored every opportunity. :)

*** I'd lean towards listing the earliest release year when applicable. Japan often receives their luxury a year before the rest of the world.


**** For the sake of consistency, let's write the most recent name / hybrid of the original company / creator of a mascot, because links to their homepages give away their current status (Square Enix, SNK Playmore, Namco Bandai Games, etc.)

My reasoning on the different company names was historical precision; FFX was made by Squaresoft, Star Ocean was made by Enix, and Kingdom Hearts was made by Square Enix. I'm not wedded to the idea, though.

Important message to all project folks:

I'm off to Germany in three days, and it may be a number of weeks before I have time and internet access sufficient to be part of this project again. I'll defer to the group on all decisions until I am once again in a position to discuss them. So, Dafydd and watkinzez, if you want anyone's critical eye to balance Polo's as we finish editing, it has to be one of yours. I'm sure Polo can do a fine job, but I'm no longer available for Polo to bounce ideas off of. You've got my editing work in that text file, so you shouldn't need much more out of me.

Good luck!

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Changed the Doom Trooper bio a little:

Ironically, little is known about the Doom Trooper, the main character of one of the most widely known computer game series ever: Doom. Most know him by little other than the sound of his voice, the smile on his face when he shoots, the blood under his nose when he is wounded, and his green spacesuit shown at the end of each level.

Transferred to a radioactive waste facility on Mars after assaulting a superior officer, the Doom Trooper spends his days watching movies until, one day, disaster strikes. Monsters spring from the inter-space gateways used for teleportation between Mars's moons, and begin wreaking havoc in the bases there. Being part of the sparse military force on the planet, the Doom Trooper is sent to defend what he can.

The series has been accused of inspiring many violent acts over the past decade since the release of its first installment, Doom, in 1993. The game was an economic success, however, and a sequel was released only the following year. After a long ten-year wait, an acclaimed third installment, Doom 3, was released, featuring a re-telling of the original story.

The Doom Trooper appears once outside of the Doom series, in a secret area in Duke Nukem 3D.

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Cool, Dafydd. Any improvement, no matter how minor, help us in the long run.

To prevent unwanted brow-furrowing, I think the word "ironic(ally)" and the statement "little is known about" can be omitted entirely, since the bio will say what IS known about the Doom Trooper. It wouldn't hurt to start this way:

The Doom Trooper is the main character of one of the most widely known computer game series ever: Doom. Most know him by blah blah blah et cetera

Also, he smiles when he picks up new guns and ammo, but when he fires for a few seconds, he looks mean / pissed / determined. Just to clarify.

+ "...and his green spacesuit shown at the end of each level." Leaving out "that is" keeps it succinct. Nice.

+ "...spendS his days..." = consistent present tense = the right move

+ "economic success" = more specific than "sold successfully"

+ The added commas in the last two sentences fit, leaving elbow room between ideas.

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I thought changing the first sentence into what you suggested made it a little boring. I think I'll stick with what's there. I added the changes you suggested to the other 9 of the first 10 and sent them to Liontamer along with questions on who will be adding the bios to the wiki and if there is any chance it could be one of us - LT has enough to do already and it'd be cool to be able to fix errors directly instead of through him.

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No matter who adds what when where and how to the database, fixes will still need to be made after these bios are Wiki'ed. (I mean, links change more times than the British guard or a Ditto Pokémon or a teen's taste in fashion.) Game links got a major overhaul yesterday (specifics below), so the 9 bios sent to Larry will need their adjustments too. And that's not counting what I'm still tweaking in my text file...

...but now it's time for "Polo's Dissection of Linearity's Edited Bios" part 2 of 5½ (btw, bullet points · are neutral comments and possibilities that may or may not take effect)...

The Turks

+ Fancy rewording of the first sentence. Full name of the department / branch these guys are from + bit about name origins being unknown + extra note about what they do (recruit SOLDIER peeps) = draws the reader in.

+ "dynamic characters whoM many players come to appreciate" = Excellent catch. Many people don't know when to use "whom" in place of "who."

· I think the sentence / paragraph on Nomura's recognition through these characters would better fit at the end. That way the reader can appreciate the fivesome's individual quirks, then appreciate the man behind the characters, without conflicting with FF7's story.

· "Mobile Phones" could simply be "Mobile Phone" (singular).

- The mega-corporation's name is spelt "Shinra." It says so in the instructions.

- "(Reno) has a vendetta against Cloud Strife" (+bold tags)

- "A pro isn't someone who sacrifices himself for his job..." (according to the game script)

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/final-fantasy-vii-ps1/ *

- "FFShrine" should be "Final Fantasy Shrine" (yeah, they mean the same thing, but a link in Tidus's bio has the full label)

Leon Belmont

· Is there a reason the last link starts off as "Classic Gaming" before "The Castlevania Dungeon"? Wouldn't it be simpler to call it the latter?

- Image needs the "images/template/ocr4_mascot" path (that Ninja's so Psychotic)

- extra space at the end of the "Pictured from" line (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence )

- Leon's Appearance needs the year (2003) after the game title

Vivi Ornitier

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/final-fantasy-ix-ps1/

- Vivi also needs his release year with his Appearance (2000). Other than that, looks set.

Captain Falcon

+ "each with his own hovercraft" = wise distinction, since all 4 drivers in F-Zero are male

- "...on and off the track ." (extra space before the period)

- "Kirby Superstar" --> "Kirby Super Star"

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/f-zero-snes/

- Super Smash Bros. (add the period-for-abbreviation)

- "The F-Zero game manual" --> "F-Zero instruction manual"**


- Psygnosis is actually the publisher of most Lemmings games. The developer of the first one is DMA Design (now Rockstar North).

- Appearances --> Keep the C64 port, but delete the Amiga and Game Boy Color versions of Lemmings.***

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/lemmings-c64/


- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-n64/ (otherwise good to go)

Viewtiful Joe

+ Connecting Alastor's attacks and names in one sentence and putting his influence on Viewtiful Joe's name in another is like building a good fence between good neighbors or something. Yeah.

+ Ah, you kept the U.S. titular equivalent of Battle Carnival (Red Hot Rumble). A plus in translation.

+ :nicework:

Earthworm Jim

+ Excellent that you kept Shiny (the developer) and discarded Virgin (the publisher).

- Author = Daethar, not Daether.

- Appearances --> Cut the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim and the SNES version of Earthworm Jim 2, but keep the rest.***

- Game link updates:



- Lop off that end slash / on the Wiki url so it'll link properly.

Cammy White

+ Fourth "edition" as opposed to "upgrade" is correct (since the latter might be interpreted differently).

· Typically it's spelt "Shadoloo," but "Shadaloo" is also accepted. *shrug*

- "...which is the fourth edition of Street Fighter II." (add the italics)

- To keep the remixed-on-OCR game link consistent, you can move the Super Street Fighter II appearance under "Super NES" with the year 1994. (I admit that I too must do that for certain Street Fighter games in my text file.)

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/super-street-fighter-ii-the-new-challengers-snes/


· "...further light is shed on his character" (Does that fit better?)

· I prefer watkinzez's original last sentence ("He fulfills the role of the heavyweight character in these titles"), but no biggie. Yours works too.

- Game link updates* (have fun):









- Super Mario World was released in 1990 in Japan.

- Mario Kart 64 = 1996 (Japan)

- Paper Mario = 2000 (again, land of the rising sun)

- The SMB instruction manual link is down, apparently.

* That's right, another massive link update! OCR game links now have "-system" tags in their paths.

** We can say "instruction manual" instead of, say, "manual" or "game manual" or "instruction booklet" since I'm seeing a majority of "instruction manual" in your text file.

*** Unless there's more than one game with the same name that's remixed on OCR (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ecco the Dolphin, Bionic Commando), I think any title should appear only once in the Appearances list. If a game remixed is not the original, but a later port, then we link to that version (like for Strider or certain Street Fighter incarnations).

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I updated my text file with more fixes than I care to list. I will say that some of Linearity's details served as an inspiration / guideline for what to check. You know, to play off each other's pointers.

And by no means should discussion be limited to the footnotes I present. Bring up any minute details you guys find uncouth or unfit.

M. Bison

+ Wise of you to cut the VG Character Adaptations link in PN's bio. I figured those work better for RPG characters since the info presented is largely the same; fighters get fan fiction-like fallacies stuffed into those sheets.

- "killed by the detective Chun-Li" (+bold tags)

- "Second World Tournament" --> "second World Warrior tournament" (according to how Wikipedia writes it into their Street Fighter articles)

- Game link updates:






- Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (needs that apostrophe / dash after the II in the bio and appearances list)

- Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams = full title (Appearances)

- Remember, add α/@/Alpha to Street Fighter EX Plus

- Millennium has two n's (it should read "Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000")

- The GameSurge link doesn't seem to work (site's down by the looks of it).


+ Haha, you caught that unnecessary apostrophe in "1950's." Yeah, there's no risk of misreading without it.

+ I think it's very thoughtful of you to add another reference or two to bios that need it. Starmen.net in particular is a boost for Ness.

- Earthbound was developed by Ape, Inc. and HAL Laboratory. Nintendo simply published the game.

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/earthbound-snes/

- The Wiki link leads to a disambiguation page. Update: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_EarthBound_characters

Alex Kidd

+ Looks like you noticed that either "Alex Kidd" or "Alex" pops up more than "Kidd" to identify the guy, so props on the "majority wins" name adjustments.

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/alex-kidd-in-miracle-world-sms/

- "Alex Kidd and The Lost Stars (1989)" --> "Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars ( 1988 )" (title + year fix)

- "Alex Kidd in High-Tech World" --> "Alex Kidd: High-Tech World" (bio and appearances)

- Since Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars is already listed under Sega Master System, the Arcade original can be omitted for reasons I stated in my previous 10-bio dissection. (Or remove the SMS one.)

- Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (word fix)

Donkey Kong

+ I can't speak for watkinzez regarding the "hotly contested" omission of his being put back in, but I feel the simplified rewording helps explain / lead into the bit about "Rare's unique humo(u)r."

· "The game went on to be remembered as the first platformer..." (Would that flow better? Just so the word "game" isn't repeated to soon.)

- Extra space in "Created by" line ("Nintendo ")

- Game link updates:






- "Donkey Kong Land 3" --> "Donkey Kong Land III" (Roman numerals)

- Mario Kart 64 was released in 1996.

- Donkey Konga --> 2003

- Donkey Kong Jungle Beat --> 2004

- Seems Donkey Kong Jungle Beat doesn't use a colon : in its title (majority of the time anyway).


+ Kudos on the correct "Pictured from" datum. Google Image Seach confirms it.

+ Again, extra reference links help immensely. These new ones are a feast.

+ I thought the addition of Mega Man X5 and 6 in the appearances list and the specific X page from the Mega Man Home Page worked so well I added them to Dafydd's X (full armor) bio. Thanks for the tips.

· Out of curiosity, is there a reason you changed his name from Mega Man X to just X? (The top line, I mean. I'm okay with the shortened form "X" in the bio.)

· "...a new generation of robot..." Did you mean "robots" (plural) or "a new type of robot" (keeping the singular form along with "was born")?

· The word "Reploid" is nearly always capitalized (in case you'd like to do that for the word's second appearance).

- Game link updates:






- I'm sure you meant to format that first reference link as Wikipedia - "Mega Man X (character)"

Fox McCloud

+ Four references is a lot, but the rules dictate that Wikipedia shouldn't be the only source, so it's nice to see the Arwing Landing link added.

· "Fox's first game, Star Fox, was on the SNES." Do you typically write out the system name when it first shows up? That's the impression I got reading over some other bios.

· Small nitpick: maybe reorder the Star Fox 2 release from "(cancelled, 1995)" to "(1995, cancelled)" to match the Sonic Crackers addendum (year, detail).

- "First appearance:1993" (add a space after the colon)

- "...handed over to Namco to make Star Fox Assault" (+italics)

- Game link updates:




- The second Wiki link is a dead end. Try this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Fox_(video_game)


+ Fitting watkinzez's Chozo footnote earlier in the bio is convenient.

+ Extrapolating the bit about the Metroids' exponential "growth and mutation" in Metroid Prime answers any possible questions the reader may have if they read the original bio's two-sentence paragraph.

· "When the player is attacked by larval Metroids in Metroid Prime, the use of a morph ball bomb shakes them off." Happens in any Metroid game, not just Prime. Just sayin'.

- As with Fox, add a space after the colon in "First appearance:1986"

- "The Metroids are a fictional species..." I think that's pretty obvious in the context of these bios. ;-)

- Game link updates:






- Metroid II was released in 1991.


+ So Square* owns the rights to Geno. Fascinating tidbit, and good job listing it as the creator.

· Through a casual reader's eyes, the last sentence feels like a spoiler / let-down, concluding all there is to know about him. From an editor's perspective, the fact that he "shoulder(s) a great deal of responsibility" is implied in the fact that he's an agent of the Star Rod. It's also repetitive to reveal his quote twice in succession. Might I suggest removing the last paragraph altogether, ending the bio section with his battle abilities?

- "...he is said to be of a greater being." ...Is that what you meant?

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/super-mario-rpg-legend-of-the-seven-stars-snes/

- "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" (+ampers&)

Samus Aran

· The Game Boy Advance list can go under the Super NES one (and the Nintendo 64) for chronological purposes.

- Game link updates (see Metroid bio fixes):






- (I'm sure you already did this with the Metroid bio, but again...) Metroid II's release = 1991.

- Hyper Magazine #119 - "The Real Girl Gamers" (+underlining)**

Samus Aran (Prime)

+ Adding more of the PAL release's prologue finishes the thought.

· Again, feel free to move the GBA list down a bit for chronology.

- "...and they (Retro Studios) did so soundly." Since Retro Studios (or any company) is a group of people, the word "they" is a more accurate indicator.

- Game link updates... nah, you already know by now. ;-)

- Metroid II was released in a) 1990 + 1 B) 1992 - 1 c) 1991 x 1

* I don't mind listing the original company name as the creator (still gotta do that to my edits). However:

SquareSoft is a brand name used by Square between 1992 and 2003. As such' date=' the name is often used (incorrectly) to refer to the entire organization, but its corporate name remained [i']Square Co., Ltd. until the Enix merger.

I'd suggest we stick to writing "Square" instead of Squaresoft (in the "Created by" line of course).

** I forgot about the rule to add quotation marks around article titles, so seeing you apply them to Wikipedia references and the like inspired me to add them to the bios I edited. In addition, how about we underline titles of books / comics / magazines?

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Are you actually doing these changes or just listing them? The first 10 bios I sent to LT (who still hasn't replied, btw), I edited myself based on your suggestions. Plus I made some small, additional edits myself. We'd be wasting time by having 2 people applying the same changes ;)

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I'm only listing potential changes to the bios Lin's in charge of editing. He can apply the ones he feels work best and ignore / debate any suggestions of mine that don't feel right (when he gets back). I'm listing a lot for reasons of intra-bio integrity and inter-bio consistency. Two editors can't outright ignore each others' formatting ideas. ;-)

I dunno for sure, but Larry might simply want the finished bios (as finished as they can be) all at once. He might even prefer updating the Wiki'ed bios himself periodically, being the Super Moderator that he is. In any case, let's stick to finishing touches for now.

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4th cross-checking batch...


+ Way to focus on the features and success of FF10 in one paragraph.

· "...in the history of console role-playing games." (Is that what you meant?)

- OmegaMe wrote Tidus, not Psychotic Ninja.

- Game link updates:




- The mascot name line (1st up top) could use his full name (Batsu Iichimonji).

- SNK vs Capcom: Card Battle --> SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash (more specific, and don't forget the abbreviation in "vs." in the Appearances list as well)

- Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 ( Japan only, 1998 ) --> Rival Schools: Evolution 2 (1999)*

- Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 (full title)

- There's no hyphen in the system name Neo Geo (Pocket Color) by a slight majority.

- Fighters Generation --> The Fighter's Generation (took me a while to figure out how to label it once... but yeah, add "The" and an apostrophe)


+ Yep, commas and periods belong within quotation marks.

· Huh. Weird seeing that dash kept intact (instead of a hyphen) for that second reference label. (little difference anyway – - )

- Daethar, not Daether (author)

- Tira's actually pictured from Soul Calibur III.

- The 2nd sentence in the 1st paragraph doesn't need to be there; the idea's already clear in the 1st sentence. So perhaps:

Tira is a 17-year-old girl with unknown origins. She was taken in as a child by a group of assassins...

- The last 2 sentences in the 2nd paragraph come out kinda wordy. Maybe something like:

A kind family adopted her, but she slaughtered them, unable to shake her assassin's instincts, and so she resigned to a life of killing.

- Remember to italicize Soul Calibur III in the bio (twice).

- A newb wouldn't know who Zasalamel or Setsuka are, especially if they're referred to only by name. I say leave 'em out.

- Perhaps you can condense all info about her ring blade into one section (4th paragraph maybe?). Seeing her weapon brought up three times is a bit much.

- Project Soul official site (last link)


· I see you have a tendency to avoid the passive voice when applicable. Have you considered changing

Though this character can be named anything by the player at the start...

into this?

Though the player can name him anything at the start...

- The 2nd comma placement here throws me off a bit:

arrows, bombs and other, magical items

Try instead "arrows, bombs and various magical items."

- The missing Links (see what I did there?):










- Wind Waker's release (Japan) = 2002

- I got a fatal error message trying to access that last reference link. I'm guessing it'll be up soon though. In the meantime, how about labeling it Zelda Wiki.org - "Princess Zelda" (in the style of Wikipedia)?


· He also throws claws as Samus (if you want to add it in).

- I'm pretty sure Kraid "became one of the largest bosses in video game history" WITH the release of Super Metroid, not before (or do you have a source to dispute that?).

- Game link updates:




- Maybe, just to keep the bio from feeling too short, there could be some mention about his attacks (flies, breathes fire, grips Samus in his claws, swipes with his tail).

- Game link updates (same as Kraid, plus): http://www.ocremix.org/game/metroid-prime-gcn/


+ Congrats on removing the chunk about Frog's secret identity and his past from your own bio. Linearity: 1, Spoilers: 0.

- "...Frog enters the scene to kill the fiend before it can strike." Actually the Naga DOES strike Lucca before Frog jumps in and instant-kills it. So maybe replace "before it can strike" with "instantly" or something.

- Remember to put the Super NES title above his game appearance.

- Game link update (of course): http://www.ocremix.org/game/chrono-trigger-snes/

- Update Frog's Wiki link to "Characters of Chrono Trigger" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_of_Chrono_Trigger)


+ Adding "much like Crono in Chrono Trigger" is a nifty way to supplement the "remotely based on Chrono Trigger" idea in the previous sentence. It transfers easily into the third sentence, too.

+ Neither, nor. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers that rule. :P

- Game link uhhh...pdate: http://www.ocremix.org/game/chrono-cross-ps1/

- The game's release year (and Serge's "First appearance" line) is 1999.

- Rpg Classics Chrono Cross Shrine --> RPGClassics - "Chrono Cross" (label adjustment)

Princess Ruto

- watkinzez removed the spoiler in Saria's bio about becoming a Sage and giving Link a Medallion. I think that should be cut from Ruto's bio as well. (The last paragraph would feel unfinished without it, but I trust you can find a way to keep the bit about her crush on the green guy / wrap it up smoothly.)

- G.L.U.: http://www.ocremix.org/game/legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-n64/


- 'servant,' (comma inside quotation marks)

- Dragon doesn't need to be capitalized (before the name Atolm).

- Orta (+bold tags, because she's another mascot)

- G.L.U.: http://www.ocremix.org/game/panzer-dragoon-orta-xbox/

+ Other than these nitpicks, she's good to go.

* For the sake of Appearance list clarity, I propose we list the U.S. equivalents of Japanese game titles.

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After this post I'll bring up some last-last minute quirks I think need a look-see and a final fate.

So, the last 10 plus Otacon...


- Game link updates:



+ That's all, really. The Summoner's set.


+ That last sentence in the 3rd paragraph helps tie the bridge between Ganondorf's human form and the piglike Ganon every Zelda fan has seen at least once.

- G.L.U.s:



+ Coo.

Dr. Robotnik

- Have some Elmer's G.L.U.:










- Sonic Adventure = 1998 (Japan)

- I know you refer to him as Robotnik in the bio, but how about changing the Wikipedia label to "Doctor Eggman" (to match the page)?

Bonus Kun

- Typically, his name has a capital K in it.

- The company site is in Japanese, so... (read footnote)*

- Since the Neo Geo is separate from Arcade in OCR's system database, I'd say replace Arcade with Neo Geo in Appearances.

- GameFAQs --> GameFAQs - "Galaxy Fight by Joe Palanca" (more complete label)**

Fei Fong Wong

- The system PlayStation should appear above the game listing.

- Game link update: http://www.ocremix.org/game/xenogears-ps1/


- The use of the word myriad works in one of two ways: 1) "myriad (noun)"; 2) "a myriad of (noun)". So would you prefer "featured in a myriad of different places" or "featured in myriad places"?

- You know what you doing. Move zig:












Plus some more ReMixed games and their year releases (the end of the urls tell you what system they go under):

Dr. Mario (1990)

Super Mario All-Stars (1993)

New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

- Mario Bros. was released in '83, not '85.

- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (full title)

- IMDb --> The Internet Movie Database (full name of site)

Mega Man

- Robot Master(s) is capitalized.

- For great justice:










- You mind sandwiching the one-game Genesis list between the NES and Super NES ones? For chronology, of course.

- The Wily Wars was released circa 1994, both in the U.S. and Japan, while Mega Man 8 (this title doesn't use Roman numerals, fyi) had its due in '96.

- "Mega Man may refer to..." nah, specificity is needed (Wiki link): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_(character)

Terra Branford

- Game link you-know-what: http://www.ocremix.org/game/final-fantasy-vi-snes/

- GameFAQs --> GameFAQs: Final Fantasy III (SNES) FAQ / Walkthrough by Atom Edge (more specific)***

+ All else about the bio feels solid. Fight, Terra! Fight!

The Prince

- PlayStation Portable (full handheld system name)

- Me & My Katamari (+ ampers&)

- GameFAQs --> GameFAQs: Katamari Damacy (PS2) FAQ by aechris (specificity, like in Terra's bio)***


- Paragraph 2, sentence 2 - The way it's written sounds as though Baby Pac-Man / Jr. Pac-Man was in Ms. Pac-Man. Might wanna add the arcade title featuring that character to avoid confusion.

- (Goes without saying): http://www.ocremix.org/game/pac-man-arc/

- No "www" or end slash / necessary when directing to Old Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man


- The internet is a series of tubes:



- Release years! Metal Gear Solid = 1998; Metal Gear Solid 2 = 2001

* I put a (Japanese) tag after sites that are in said language to give readers a heads-up whether they wanna click or not. Do you approve, or do you feel it's unnecessary?

** When linking to specific GameFAQs .txt files, I think it would help to write the title and who wrote it in the link label...

*** ...or if by chance the header has a name besides those default "Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox" titles we've all seen, then that could work as well.

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And the other post...

Visual oddities - I see curly quotation marks (“ ” ‘ ’) mixed in with the plain marks (" " ' '). Convert to straights?

Instruction manuals - Since August, replacementdocs.com's Planet Mirror pub has kept only a handful of .pdfs. The manuals we do link to fall (fail?) into 404 territory. Fortunately, scrounging the forums amidst the moans of "I can't download anything!" bore some fruit...


This should benefit links currently relying on replacementdocs, so best get to link-swappin'. If by chance the manual's not there, another option might work:

1) Chronicles (that Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross site) has two pages with manual scans (Trigger, Cross). We'd have to change the labels to:

Chronicles - Chrono Trigger - Manual

Chronicles - Chrono Cross - Manual

...but they'd be taken care of nonetheless.

2) Vimm's Lair has a Manual Project section where you can view scans of whatever manuals they have. Direct-linking to sub-pages doesn't work (it redirects to the home page), but I think it's okay to type:

Vimm's Lair - Game In Question instruction manual

Downside: some manuals are broken and won't show up, even if they're listed.

3) Delete the orange-clicky url and leave the manual reference as black text. That's already the case for some of them.

No sign of Larry having Wiki'ed the first 10 edited bios Dafydd sent him, so here's the last sweep of game link updates:

Doom Trooper
























Diddy Kong





Joanna Dark


Strider Hiryu


















Deku Link





· In the Chocobo bio, the FF Compendium link can be more complete as one of these (I prefer the first, but we can swing with whatever you decide):

Final Fantasy Compendium - "Chocobo"

Final Fantasy Compendium - "Species - Chocobo"

Final Fantasy Compendium - Final Fantasy Species: Chocobo

· Would it be feasible to list Sora's creator as only Square, leaving off Disney Interactive? The Wiki article states that Tetsuya Nomura designed him alongside other characters. I'm bringing this up because I'm reminded of how you listed Geno's creator as Square but not Nintendo. (Btw, Square didn't merge with Enix until after the first Kingdom Hearts came out.)

· Add the word "The" to "Internet Movie Database" in Tira's reference section.

· Should a game ending count as a reference? I'm debating whether to remove them from The Coop's Darkstalkers bios.

· In case you wondered why I changed the words in Cloud's bio from "He is a reserved young man of 21 years..." to "He is a reserved young man of twenty-one years..." I decided to write out numbers as a very subtle step in the direction of "professional" and "comprehensive" for these bios. Just so you know.

I can probably still pick some nits, but... nah, that's enough for now. ;-)

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If anyone asks, you're the one who should have the coordinator badge once this is finished, I think. Unless you can get a custom "über contributor" badge instead. Amazing work, Polo. LT said there'd be changes since I submitted the 10 first, so I'll send him fresh versions (updated links) and see if that works any better.

I agree we should switch all the curly quotations for straight ones.

I mentioned Vimm's lair a while back... on page... er... 20 something, maybe...?

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I mentioned Vimm's lair a while back... on page... er... 20 something, maybe...?

Page 21. ;-)

Remember how I suggested listing the current company names in the "Created by" line but Linearity thought historical accuracy would work better? I've taken up his point of view (and applied that rule throughout my text file), so if you replaced any "Square" or "Squaresoft" with "Square Enix" or whatever, then that could delay Larry's analysis / implementation of the bios.

Also, you think you can update the first post somehow? We wrote more than 130 bios, and any more mascots Photoshopped into that corner will likely have their bios written by one of us, so the need for Guidelines has kinda dwindled. Even the Sora bio has undergone changes. Since we're on the brink of completion, I think we need a shorter summary of what we've accomplished.

I posted these before (maybe you missed them), but if you want to you can use them to replace the FAQ / Guidelines / Progress Report, which as I remember helped add up to more than 5,000 characters.

FAQ and Guidelines

Progress Report

Of course, the arrows :arrow: count as images, so you'd have to work around the 4-image limit too.

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Ah yes, thank you. I'm on it. The 4 image limit shouldn't include smilies. That's rather a coding mistake, don't you think?

I'll make the edits you've suggested (if I approve of them ;-)), since Lin apparently won't be around to do it.

EDIT: Do we actually need a progress report? Or guidelines? I mean, are any of the bios not written yet? Look at the first post now and tell me if you think anything is missing.

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The "progress report" can be seen in the form of the author's name appearing on the page of the Wiki'ed bios. ("Wow, watkinzez wrote about Link?" "Haha, I knew The Coop would cover Jon Talbain!" etc.) First post looks good señor. :-D:razz::nicework: :thumbsup: (Agreed, smilies should not count as images. ;-))

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Almost, Dafydd. Almost. I'll help ya get past airport security... *pulls out metal detector*

Most of the following details are ones I didn't catch the first time around or are simply retcons based on later analysis (so please don't kick yourself over them).

Doom Trooper

- Again, the guy smiles when he picks up weapons and ammo, not when he shoots. Any way you can fix that?

- Replace that first Reference line with this (link and all):

replacementdocs - The Ultimate Doom instruction manual

- Old Doom --> OldDoom.com (the site favors one word with the "dot com" suffix)

Sonic the Hedgehog

- System name tweaks:*

Sega Genesis --> Genesis

Sega Master System --> Master System

- Remember, the old Planet Mirror game manual links recently bunked. Update Sonic's with this:



- Mario Mania! - "Toad" (just add the exclamation mark)

- Since Toad no longer has a separate article at Wikipedia, change the second reference to this:

Wikipedia - "List of Mario series characters"

- To keep with the GameFAQs text file labeling form, label the last reference link thus:

GameFAQs - "The Mario Series Character Guide by the Space Pope"

Diddy Kong

- Replace every curly quotation mark with a straight one.

- Thanks for bolding the first iteration of Luigi. Keep the first Mario bolded, too. ("Like Luigi compared to Mario...")

- Title the 2nd reference like this (more complete): MobyGames - "Donkey Kong Country"

Joanna Dark

- Like with Diddy Kong (and every other mascot that needs it), replace the curly quotation marks with straights.

- The term "code name" often has a space in it.

- Give Joanna a present (link to instructions):

replacementdocs - Perfect Dark instruction manual

Strider Hiryu

- Could you add spaces around the dashes — that appear in the second sentence? It's hard to differentiate from hyphens in adjectives like far-off and such.

- "A" rank (straights!)

- Best to keep game titles consistent with a lower-case "vs." in both Marvel vs. Capcom titles (Appearances).


- Created by Square (not Squaresoft)

- "They are timid in the wild but can be vicious when threatened." (I think this is what Linearity meant, since the two clauses are opposing ideas.)

- Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (straight apostrophe), 1998 (proper year)

- Can you slip the Game Boy list / appearance up above the Super NES one? So that year releases come in order.


- Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (there's an apostrophe / prime symbol after the "2" in the title)

- Street Fighter II: The World Warrior at Arcade-History (full label for the last reference)

Deku Link

+ All clear.


- The Game Boy Advance appearance (2004) can go under the PlayStation 2 list (2002).

* I realized we didn't come to a consensus concerning "Sega"-prefixed systems. For clarity, I think these two definitely need that distinction:

Sega CD

Sega Saturn

While these do not (since there's no risk of misunderstanding without them):



Game Gear


Master System

Last I checked, LT and zirc and the Vets of the Lifestream were scrambling to launch the FF7 ReMix Project, so don't fret if Oji-san doesn't get to our work (or our avatars) until after it takes flight.

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Doom Trooper

- Again, the guy smiles when he picks up weapons and ammo, not when he shoots. Any way you can fix that?

Changed it for "the grin on his face when he picks up ammo" (without the italics, naturally). I chose to leave out "weapons" to facilitate reading. No reason to get über-accurate here, it's not like anyone is going to tell us "he grins when he picks up weapons too!" ;)

- Since Toad no longer has a separate article at Wikipedia, change the second reference to this:

Wikipedia - "List of Mario series characters"

There's an anchor for toad in that article, so I edited the link to point there instead.
Joanna Dark

- The term "code name" often has a space in it.

"code name" gets 10 million hits on google - "codename" only gets 2 million - but Wikipedia redirects "codename" to "code name". Did you want me to change "codename" for "code name"?

- Can you slip the Game Boy list / appearance up above the Super NES one? So that year releases come in order.

I guess alphabetical goes before chronological order within the same system? Now we have 1999, 1999, 1998, 1999, 1997, 1999, 2000...

Good points, all of them. Just help me with these last questions and then I'll send it.

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Your Doom Trooper rewording works just fine. I think someone actually WILL tell us that he grins when he picks up weapons, but we can brush 'em off with your words of wisdom. ;-)

For Toad, did you mean you linked to "List_of_Mario_series_characters#Toad"? If one mascot gets it, then we would have to link to every #niche for every mascot who appears in a "List of (Game) Characters" article on Wikipedia. If you'd rather not be that specific, just leave off the #Toad suffix.

Yes, it's code name (two words).

If two games under two systems are released the same year (and they're both first in their lists), the alphabet takes precedence (Game Boy, then Super NES). Also, good catch on the PlayStation listings. Yes, they too should appear chronologically (1997, 1998, four games in 1999 [alphabetical of course], and 2000).

One more thing. The Doom Trooper's green space suit doesn't actually appear at the end of every level in the first 2 Doom games (but you can see it at the end of Doom II and in online deathmatch mode). Were you thinking of the guy from Wolfenstein 3D, who appears holding a pistol and breathing hard after a level is cleared?

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I was playing Doom 95, maybe that's why. There he shows up after every level just like Duke does in DN3D.

That thing about Toad - if there are more cases where we have links to a wikipedia list of characters, why not use anchors there as well? Or are you saying there are multiple anchors for each character? In the end I guess what really matters is whether the bio writer used the whole list article or only the anchored section as his source, but if the lists are a fancy new thing and the bios where written when the characters all had their own article, I'm still ok with using anchors. Then again, the articles themselves have contents boxes on top, so anyone who wants to read up on, say, toad, specifically, can just click their way there. *sigh* Ok... I guess we can remove the anchor.

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if there are more cases where we have links to a wikipedia list of characters, why not use anchors there as well?

Yeah, that's what I meant when I said

If one mascot gets it, then we would have to link to every #niche for every mascot who appears in a "List of (Game) Characters" article on Wikipedia.

Anchoring's not a bad idea. When Wikipedia swipes a character article and stuffs it into a list of other characters, you're redirected automatically. I just noticed Linearity didn't anchor any of the mascots whose Wiki pages are "List of (characters)." Of course, it doesn't hurt to steer the reader right to the mascot's section for quicker reading.

All it is is more busywork (updating said links). But we have time. I'll do my share. Keep Toad's anchor, labeling it thus: Wikipedia - "List of Mario series characters - Toad"

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