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OCR Mascot Bios - 20 more up for grabs!


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A firm but perhaps too broad a grasp. People looked at me funny in the US when I talked sometimes because I confuse written English with spoken English, and speak sentences that no native speaker ever would, except for the odd RPG fanboy who thinks he's an elf or something. So even if they couldn't tell I was forign, since I had no accent, they could tell there was something fishy about me (the fact that I had no idea what they were talking about when they said things like "Wall-mart", "Kroeger" and "Food Lion" didn't help either. Hahah. I remember the first time I tried to pronounce the word "pussy" (in the middle of a sentence), hadn't heard anyone say it before... came out like "pooh-see" and my cover went down with it. You can't explain a mispronounciation like that with anything but a big blush and an "I'm foreign, sorry".

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I've got a question about this project. I think its an awesome sweet idea, and I can't wait for it to be done. But how are you planning on integrating it into the site? is there going to be a bio database, or will you only be able to find the one of whose picture is in the top right corner? i was curious about how that would work.

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The last 104 bios have been edited! (click to read)

With the exception of system names being left as link-less text, these follow the format of the Wiki'ed Toyota Supra bio. Every bio appears in the order it was fully completed (except The Coop's long Darkstalkers bios, which come right after his short versions).

Among the tweaks I applied:

Links were updated / fixed in almost every case (one exception is the Darkstalkers 3 manual in Lilith's bio; Game Manuals.net was absorbed via osmosis by replacementdocs.com, which surprisingly doesn't have the PlayStation manual archived), quotes were added to quote-less mascots (if yours was a hitherto silent type and you're uncomfortable with what I stuffed into his/her/its mouth [*cough*Crono*cough*], you can suggest an alternative), and Japanese titles were changed to their American equivalents, among other things.

I'm not gonna send this to Liontamer just yet. There may be British / Australian spelling / grammar / punctuation issues I overlooked, some port titles I erased that have more features than simply being on another system, whatever. So I'll let you guys browse through the bios in the text file link above, written by us, touched up by yours truly. If you have any nitpicks you wish to discuss / debate / OBJECT to à la Phoenix Wright, now's your chance.

Hope to see the fruits of Linearity's labors as well.

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Sony Computer Entertainment



Pictured from LocoRoco


It's a fact in the gaming world that if you were a globular, blobular star of a handheld game named after you, then both you and the world you'd inhabit would be saturated with happiness. Such is the way of the LocoRoco, who spend their days tending to nature, eating berries, and singing songs in their own carefree language. When they learn their planet is threatened by the invading Moja Troop, they work as one - literally - to stop them.

Thanks to its jellylike body - and the player's power to tilt and jolt the planet - a LocoRoco can roll, bounce, and bound about in search of different-colored LocoRoco (first as Yellow, pictured), Loco House Pieces, and friends with unique ways of transporting them from one spot to another. By eating berries, a LocoRoco can grow quite large, and when the path turns into a duct or other narrow niche, it can split into smaller tykes to pass through gracefully, then reassemble. Quite the flexible bunch.

Quote: "Nyooo~i!"



LocoRoco (2006)


Wikipedia - LocoRoco

LocoRoco: The official PlayStation game site

Beyond Get Loco

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The way I see it...

1. Quotations like "Whoa" and "Hi there" are not quotations worth mentioning. Moreover if a character, like Link and the Doom Trooper, does not really speak, I don't think that we should publish a so-called quotation from them.

That's all, really. I thought of other things but those are true nitpicks, so I removed them. But I find unsavory the idea of quoting Kirby as saying "*inhales*".

Oh, and get ready...

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Article: Linearity

Pictured from: Metal Gear Solid 4

Created by: Konami

First appearance: 1998

--- Bio ---

Deep within an Alaskan nuclear weapons disposal facility during the events of Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake meets an unexpectedly helpful accomplice. He calls himself "Otacon," though his real name is Hal Emmerich. His sobriquet is a proud testament to his passion for Japanese animation, having derived from the Japanese cartoon festival called Otakon.

When Snake meets him Otacon is an employee of ArmsTech, Inc., a weapons manufacturing firm, and he is being held captive by terrorists who have taken control of the compound. He is the lead engineer in ArmsTech's project to build a walking tank. When joining the project, however, Otacon did not realize that this weapon, which reminded him of the fantastic machines in his beloved anime, was secretly a revolutionary platform for launching nuclear weapons: the third incarnation of Metal Gear, called Metal Gear REX.

Otacon is shocked and troubled when his work's true nature is revealed to him. He resolves to help Snake fight the terrorists and prevent them from using Metal Gear REX to launch an unstoppable nuclear weapon into the United States. Although he is a far cry from a soldier, Otacon's knowledge of his own dark creation proves invaluable to Snake in attempting to stop it.

Two years after Metal Gear Solid, Otacon and Snake work together as part of Philanthropy, an organization devoted to abolishing all forms of Metal Gear. The plans for the bipedal terror proliferate on the black market after the incident in Alaska, and Metal Gear Solid 2 begins with Snake and Otacon working to expose an amphibious Metal Gear variant operated by the U.S. Marines.

--- Quote ---

"What's with these guys? It's like one of my Japanese animes!"

--- Appearances ---


Metal Gear Solid

PlayStation 2

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

--- References ---

replacementdocs - Metal Gear Solid instruction manual

Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site >> Hal Emmerich ~ Otacon

Cyberpunk Review - "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"

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First of all, thanks for sharing your thoughts, bio, and text file chock full of edits, Linearity. I can understand the stress of double- / triple- / quadruple-checking facts, formatting everything, and making sure links work and whatnot. Yeah, we're practically done. Once we sort out the remaining kinks we can PM Larry our .txt files and wait for new life to spring up in that random corner.

Your point about quotes is very thought-provoking. Checking the ones in your editing packet was helpful in getting a better idea for what you considered fitting. (Btw kudos on giving mascots like Strider Hiryu, X, and Samus Aran better word balloons.)

Basically, any quote should be read as a standalone piece of info, right? Anyone who's played a Lemmings game has heard the gerbils say "Let's go!" and "Oh no!", but those who haven't wouldn't get the context in which they're spoken. And since people might jump right to the quote section of a bio (if it's there), we want it to be a clear and unique statement / thought.

So in my text file I've muted:

Jago - I got the impression that saying the names of attacks (projectile or otherwise) doesn't count as a quote. Since Ness isn't yelling "PK Fire!" or "PK Thunder!" and Alex Kidd doesn't voice his Japanese rock-paper-scissors sound byte, I figured Jago's fireball shout of "ENDOKYUKEN!" didn't cut it either. (And no, he doesn't have after-battle boasts or anything.)

Crono - I realized it's contradictory for a bio to say the mascot in question is a mute, yet add a quote further down the page, even if it's canonical. (By that token, shouldn't The Prince's quote be removed as well? After all, watkinzez writes that he "(a)ppear(s) mute throughout the game...")

Bomberman - The only reason I put "Speed uppu!" in there was because of this mix. Except I couldn't verify whether Bomberman actually speaks or not, in any game.

Kirby - Yes, "*inhales*" is more of an action than a verbal spout, even if Kirby makes the sound constituting the action. And an onomatopoeia-ish equivalent would sound (and read) just as silly, so...

Metal Slug - ...no "BOOM" out of this tank, and...

R-9A Arrowhead - ...no "KABOOM" out of this ship.

Voldo - He hisses and croaks like an animal possessed, but speaks no English or Italian.

Plus I upgraded the tongues of:

Ulala --> "Hey there space cats! Ulala here comin' at you from Space Port 9."

Mega Man X (full armor) --> "Take care of yourself, Zero. I don't have time to put you back together again!"

Nall --> "People always say I look like a cat. Not true! Cats look like me."

Dhalsim --> "What confounds you? Have your fists led you astray?"

Dr. Wily --> "You forget, Mega Man. Robots cannot harm humans..." (Sorry Dafydd, no eyebrow taunt)

Chun-Li --> "I'm the strongest woman in the world!"

LocoRoco --> "Kokorachem umburnii, Tokeru shieka durou-jii, Yeah-jau rippakuratu, Zabichii nakep-puu..." (This is part of one of their cheerful [if untranslatable] songs. What I had before was what I thought they said when they joined into one big LocoRoco.)

Now for some mascots, there's some gray area...

· Like a Pokémon, Yoshi says his own name ("Yoshi!") in Yoshi's Story and in the Smash Bros. games. We could keep this self-identification quip, or we can exchange it for what he says when he's freed in Super Mario World (part of it anyway). Thoughts?

· Would instruction manuals count as credible quote sources? Donkey Kong says "The Kremlings will pay! I'll hunt them down through every corner of my island, until I have every last banana from my horde back!!" in the Donkey Kong Country manual's story section, which IMO isn't half bad. Or should we only include in-game quotes?

· The Wiki'ed Toyota Supra still says "Vroom vroom?" thanks to Larry's Toyota Disco bias. Should we have him change it?

Again, :nicework: I'll review your Edits text file some more and see if I have any nitpicks worth mentioning.

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· Would instruction manuals count as credible quote sources? Donkey Kong says "The Kremlings will pay! I'll hunt them down through every corner of my island, until I have every last banana from my horde back!!" in the Donkey Kong Country manual's story section, which IMO isn't half bad. Or should we only include in-game quotes?

-I'll vouch for that one at least. Rare often use their manuals to expand their plots.

-The Toyota quote was meant as a joke, and wasn't really intended for final use. :razz:

-Buggered if I can remember where I got that Prince quote from. Pretty sure it would appear in the credits, if anywhere. I'd probably remove it.

You can never have enough :nicework: in this thread. Thumbs up from me.

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The DKC quote is good, I think. The Toyota shouldn't be speaking. The Prince's quote I checked on some other sites; it seems as if he actually says it at some point, but it seems out of character, and putting it beside the bio seems contradictory as Polo said.

I like your quote changes, Polo. They're exactly the sorts of things I was thinking of.

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