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Game music for student's homework time


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I've been working for an afterschool program for quite a while now, and I've always used vg music during their homework time as an atmosphere setter. It has worked very well and I'm looking to expand it further.

This is what I have so far and kind of what i'm looking for. These are all looped to some degree and the setlists last about an hour.

HW Chrono (all Chrono Cross songs)

Sailing Another World

Arni Village Home

Arni Village Another

Guldove Village Home

Guldove Village Another

At the Shore of Dreams Another World

HW Symphonia (all Tales of Symphonia songs)

Desert Flower

Water Symphony


The Kingdom City of Meltokio

Dry Trail

Forest of Treant

Those are my complete playlists and we alternate inbetween them. I've been messing around with the Aquaria album (after that awesome sale!) but those songs aren't really doing it for me. I've looped a handful of FF tracks, Mario Galaxy, Secret of Mana (Aether remixes), but I'm having hard time fitting them together in a way that sets a consistent atmosphere.

My question to this awesome community is are there any OSTs you can think of that I might be able to pull 6 or so songs from? I'm not afraid to import if I know the music is good. What about some OCRemix songs you feel are peaceful? Yesterday for example I downloaded Drakken's Above the Clouds and looped the intro a few times.

Here's two of my incomplete sets I'm working on.

FF9 based setlist

Passing Sorrow

The Place I'll Return to Someday

Frontier Village Dali

Awakened Forest

SMG and Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Rosetta's Comet Observatory (SMG)

Stardust Road (SMG)

Also, I'm trying to avoid dramatic dynamic swings and heavy percussion. It's distracting when the students are suddenly blown away by some sweeping string build up. The percussion causes them to tap on their desks (probably because I teach them percussion on Fridays...)

Any help would be great!

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I typically listen to Resident Evil and Silent Hill soundtracks when I'm focused in on something of a studious or writing-laboring task.

Check out some of the more mellow tracks of Baten Kaitos Origins as well. That's some of Sakuraba's best work.

And because business dictates I can't miss an opportunity for self-promotion reasonably relative to the subject at hand: 12followersmeteoxavier.bandcamp.com

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I can't believe I didn't start this thread earlier. I need some good songs for studying.

When I study in the library, I listen to a lot of tracks from the Threshold of a Dream (Links Awakening) album, since there are many piano or low key pieces in that album.

Also for some reason, Disco Dan tracks work for me...

On a non-game related note, I suggest listening to your local NPR station at night, since it's all soft orchestra or jazz (at least my stations are).

EDIT: Also, the Crayon Physics Deluxe soundtrack is pretty good as well. It's only 3 songs, but still.

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The Sims:

- Now Entering

- Neighborhood

- Under Construction

- Buying Lumber

- Mallrat

- Groceries

Always loved the music from The Sims. Its really pleasant, and low key enough so that it sits nicely in the background and soothes the soul while you work through whatever it is you're doing.

The Sims Hot Date:

- Whole OST (Its not too long but its something worth listening through)

A bit more upbeat, but its all really smooth jazz. Perhaps not for everyone, but jazz often helps me focus and it really is a wonderful mix of tunes.

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When I study in the library, I listen to a lot of tracks from the Threshold of a Dream (Links Awakening) album, since there are many piano or low key pieces in that album.

Also for some reason, Disco Dan tracks work for me...

Same - in particular, Green Amnesia is an excellent study track for me. As far as other OCRs, Stockholm from the recent Unsung Heroes album is a recent favorite addition to my study list.

As far as OSTs, you might take a look at the Okami one - a lot of it might be a touch too dynamic for what you're wanting, but there's definitely some stuff on there that works well for studying, at least for me.

Also, for FF9, I'd almost recommend Terra, except the second half is probably a bit too much of a change in pace for your liking. But

, Soulless Village Bran Bal, and Crystal World are all potential additions.

EDIT: Stray thought, but I also use a lot of pot hocket's stuff for studying, too.

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Not sure how you feel about vocal music, but if you don't mind it being in foreign languages you should definitely give the FF Vocal Collections a shot! (That's 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I ~ Pray' and 'Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II [Love Will Grow]') I just got them, and I'm definitely finding it easier to study and relax in general. These are tracks from FF 1-6 rearranged to soothing vocal music by Risa Ohki. Ones that I particularly like are:


[Don't Cry Little Girl]" (Kids Run through the City Corner)

"Kami No Yurikago [God's Cradle]" (Relm)

"Harukanaru Kokyou [My Home, Sweet Home]" (Faraway Hometown)


" (Endless Ocean)

"Once You Meet Her" (Eria, Maiden of the Water)


[into the Light]" (Theme of Love)


" (FFVC II Version)



"Love Will Grow" (FFII Finale)

Also, not sure what you think about piano pieces, but if you're into it I'd suggest giving the '

' a listen (http://www.rpgfan.com/soundtracks/brandish-piano/index.html).

**PS: Youtube to mp3 conversion is your friend!

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A lot of the gentler cues from the various Dragon Quest symphonic suites worked for me in my student days - often anything to do with shrines, towers or sailing (requiems are questionable depending on your mood). From the soundtracks I have, here's what I think would work out to fit your situation:

DQ4 - Menuet / Balloon's Flight / Sea Breeze / The Unknown Castle (I STRONGLY EMPHASIZE THIS)

DQ5 - Magic Carpet ~ The Ocean (might need to watch out a bit with the second half) / Melody of Love / Noble Requiem ~ Saint / Heaven

DQ6 - Ocean Waves / Pegasus ~ Saint's Wreath / Melancholy / Ocarina ~ The Saint

DQ8 - Travelling with Wagon / Mysterious Tower / Remembrances... / Poet's World / Memories of an Ancient Ocean

DQ9 - Angelic Land / Destiny ~ Prologue to Tragedy / Pathway to Good Fortune ~ Cathedral of Emptiness

Your mileage may vary with some of these, but if you want something different to study to, it might be worth pursueing :)

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If I listen to music at all when I study, it's usually my own because I know what's coming, why I wrote what I did, and how I mixed it down. If I listen to anyone else's music at any time, I find myself analyzing it -- not that that cuts into my enjoyment of it, but it's just an involuntary adjunct now. With all the crap I have to cram in my head for that one exam I have over everything every third Friday, I can't really afford to have my attention divided between course material and the music I'm listening to. Car time + gym time + chill time = music time.

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Not OCR but I listen to the Minecraft soundtrack on loop a lot of times when I translate. Helps me concentrate for some reason.

On a related note, make sure to only play instrumental music. I'm sure you're aware of this as you've chosen game music, but anything with singing or spoken words in it is really distracting when I am trying to read or write.

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