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RECRUITING Crash Bandicoot 3 Project


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You can put me down for Tiny's theme as well (If no one else wants it). I was experimenting a couple days ago with a new style of music, and I found that it worked surprisingly well with his theme. Plus, he was my favorite villain out of the whole series.

I already have a fair amount of progress made on the China theme. I believe that I sent you a WIP, but I can't remember. If for some reason I didn't, I'll gladly send it again. I can also send you a WIP on Tiny's theme if you want. In a moment of divine inspiration, I managed to come up with quite a bit of material right away.

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Well they are practically the same riff :)

Also, I'd like to be added to the kngi boards of the project, I left the message in the chatbox there a while ago but nobody reacted xD

Ooooh wait they are durrrr

Sorry. I was sure it was the warp room song I remembered. Then when I clicked the link I was like "Wait...I must've been thinking of the title song".


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I'd like to do the Stone Age track if possible?

I can imagine it as some pretty cool funky breakbeat/electro type thing, won't know for sure till I get started but the original has got a pretty nice groove to it so should be fun.

I haven't submitted to OCR before but I've made a whole bunch of music for games which you can check out at my site http://satsu.ma

Thanks! Let me know if that's okay and I'll get started :)

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