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Red vs Blue: Season 10

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It's that time again....

Red vs Blue is starting up again Memorial Day (May 28 ) and I'm inviting all of you to watch it with me as the episodes come out. I will be updating this first post as the season goes on but first, we have the teaser trailer up today.

Teaser trailer

Preview trailer

Behind the scenes

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Episode 4.

Episode 5.

Episode 6.

Episode 7.

Episode 8.

Episode 9.

Episode 10.

Episode 11.

Episode 12.

Episode 13.

Episode 14.

Episode 15.

Episode 16.

Episode 17.

Episode 18.

Episode 19.

Episode 20.

Episode 21.

Episode 22.

PSA 1: Online Survival

PSA 2: Higgs Bozo

PSA 3: Voting Fever

Today we have two more huge milestones to announce. With the release of today's teaser video, Red vs. Blue takes its place as one of the longest-running sci-fi shows on any platform, in any medium. Season 10 will officially begin on Memorial Day, May 28. This year we are very pleased to welcome Elijah Wood as a special guest star, portraying the creative and intriguing A.I., Sigma.

We are also excited, and a bit overwhelmed, to announce that the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel recently passed a staggering ONE BILLION views. That's right, billion with a "b." We have tried to create a fun and interesting mix of shows, from Achievement Hunter's awesome Fails, Horse and Rage Quit to our original live-action productions like RT Shorts and Immersion to hilarious animated series like Animated Adventures and of course, RvB. Thanks to everyone for embracing all of it so enthusiastically.

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Tried watching RvB a couple of years back and couldn't get into it...tried again last week and now I LOVE IT.

I'm about to start season 8, and right now all I can say is I could watch hours on end of nothing but Caboose. Sarge and Church have their moments too, but nearly everything that Caboose says is pure gold. I should get around to watching the first episode of season 10 by next Friday or so.

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Here we go again!!! I absolutely cannot wait for this season to start. I just found this forum towards the end of the season last year, but now I'm looking forward to following season 10 with all of you! It looks like it'll be even more awesome than ever!

Oh, and by the way, ELIJAH F***ING WOOD!!!!! How in the hell did they manage that!!??

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Man this show is still going strong? The writers are crazy good. I love how they take a nonchalant, random machinima and turn it into damn near sci-fi gold. Anyway I'm two seasons behind. I'll keep it that way and rewatch the entire series while I'm at it

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I caught it. But did you catch the RoosterTeeth animated adventures frame at the beginning when Delta showed up too? If you don't know what it is, they take funny segments from their podcast and animate them. Here's a good one.

And for you who don't know what grifball is, here's their promo video.

Good laughs.

And one more thing. Season 10 has more than double views from season 9.


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Episode 4


Man, what happened to Georgia?

Also, I think they kind of shot themselves in the foot with this one. All the Freelancers present are ones that we know about from past seasons. I think they could have had a lot more material to work with if they had created at least a couple new ones.

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Let's see, all of the one's I know are.

Omega - assigned to Tex (Allison) contains the rage atribute.

Gamma - Assigned to Wyoming. Contains Alpha's deceit.

Sigma - Unknown. Contains Alpha's creativity.

Theta - Assigned to North Dakota. I don't know what to call it.

Delta - Assigned to New York. Contains Alpha's logic.

Epsilon - Assigned to Washington. Contain's Alpha's memories.

I don't think there are any more named or referenced.

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Epsilon - Assigned to Washington. Contain's Alpha's memories.

This is the thing that I've not been able to comprehend completely. If Epsilon has all the Alpha's memories, thus basically making it the alpha itself, no? I mean, it/he remembers all the stuff that happened in the old Blood Gulf series, no?

(Spoiler alert)

But the original alpha unit was destroyed at the end of that epic season few years ago, so what does that make of Epsilon? Is it the old Alpha or just a part of Alpha? So confusing.

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I finally caught up. Watched all of season 9 yesterday after finishing season 8 last week. Let's just say RT been making my... er month. I love how the series and how it was taken from something hilariously whimsical to some epic serious business type shit. I just have questions.

1. What exactly is Tex? if she's a "shadow" how is she able to use AI (specifically omega) herself?

2. How would Epsilon have memories of other fragments, especially those who were created after him? Something that especially confused me in season 6 (which I've seen like 4 times now) is how Epsilon transmitted memories to Church that neither he nor Church had seen (like the convo between Wash and Delta in Recovery 1). This ties into your question Omega. Given what we know Eps is just a bunch of memories who can assume the form of the memories he has. So because Caboose and the others kinda helped fill in the blanks this is basically "like" the original church, but just a backup copy. He just hasn't actually experienced blood gulch he just has the memories somehow. But if the memories were all filled in verbally (even assuming that Caboose wasn't the only one who helped him remember) the memories still shouldn't be 100% perfect, and yet it seems like they are, its literally as if he's experienced everything, but he couldn't have if he's still just Epsilon taking the form of all those other AI and their memories.

3. I'm assuming Omega was the last AI produced given his name?

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