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Examples of Good/Bad Piano-Only Remixes (looking for Judges' remarks)

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So I finally got my keyboard, so now I am ready to begin arranging my first remixes. Before I dive head first into a realm I barely know anything about, I would like to hear some examples of what to do and what not to do with piano-only remixes.

If possible, I would like the links to some of the judges' decisions on piano-only remixes, both YES's and NO's.

Also, would any Logic users know where to find the more-realistic sounding built-in piano samples? The best I found were the Concert Grand Pianos under the orchestral section. If those don't work, any suggested free Logic plug-ins?

EDIT: Grammar are good.

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Most of Logic's built-in stuff, at least in LE8 which I still use, has some obvious velocity layer differences, and while that works well for sequenced piano - easier to hear the difference - it's far from ideal for actual recordings. There's an edit feature somewhere in the EXS24 interface that lets you screw with the samples themselves - which at least gives you an overview of the samples used. Find the piano with the most velocity layers, it should be the best... but I can't say if it's any good, I barely use Logic's pianos... and when I do, it's because I just need a quickly loading sketchpad-suited sound.

You can do a search of the judges' decisions, for "piano" and... idunno, "no"? It'll limit the results to decisions that mention pianos. Once you find the decision, use its name and the artist's name and google the two. See if it's been on dod or youtube or something.

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EDIT: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02258/ this artist's soundcloud has amazing solo keyboard stuff (in my opinion).

start listening to Doc Nano religiously. or somewhat. :mrgreen:

from the top of my head these people have slick, high-class piano-only remixes on a project, posted, or at least hosted somewhere on the web (ex., youtube, soundcloud, etc.):




pretty sure there's much more, those are just some that come to mind quickly.

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Keep your left hand doing something interesting instead of just 5th chords or 1-5-8's.

With any solo instrumental piece you should make sure that you're changing it up often enough to keep it interesting. That along with the arrangement guidelines should be enough for you to get started.

Best thing to do is get a decent one minute or so track going and use the WiP forum and bug people for advice, PM some of the users that Jordanius recommended and ask for tips, they're all cool people.

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