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Game Music Bundle 3 is out; pay what you want for 5 OSTs (Terraria, PvZ, etc.), $10+ for 10+ more!


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The latest Game Music Bundle just launched, featuring the following soundtracks:

* Terraria

* Plants vs. Zombies

* Dustforce

* Ilomilo

* Frozen Synapse

As with the previous bundles, you can get all of these albums for a minimum, pay-what-you-want price of $1 in DRM-free format. However, for $10, you get a slew of bonus albums:

* Offspring Fling (Alec Holowka)

* Mubla Evol Ution (Joakim Sandberg)

* Cardinal Quest (Whitaker Blackall)

* inMomentum (Gareth Coker)

* Impeccable Micro (_ensnare_)

* Bluescreen (Protodome, a personal favorite)

* Beautiful Lifestyle (George & Jonathan, another favorite)

* Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar (Disasterpeace)

* Deorbit (Disasterpeace)

* GunGirl 2 (Josh Whelchel)

More albums and bonuses may be added as the bundle progresses; not only that, top contributors get goodies like posters, physical CDs and vinyl. Also, a portion of revenue is donated to the American Cancer Sociey!



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I missed the previous two, so I'll try to get this one. Need to count my pennies a bit. There's a bunch that I already have, but the lots of the rest look good too. And sometimes the ones you don't know anything about beforehand turn out to be winners - it's quite nice when that happens.


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Went and got the rest, after some technical trouble with the payment the GMB guys sorted out helpfully, friendly and promptly. Can't say the same about every online vendor, unfortunately! Overall, awesome - soooo much music to go through now. :)


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