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OCR02444 - Crystalis "A Tale of the God Slayer"


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I just started in on this and... yeah, this is amazing. But one thing immediately hit me. Even after punching up the song specifically to double volume, it's still quiet relative to my library.

So, in a post where I would normally be talking about how much I like the metal orchestral interchange and cross over at X:YY time and how it works so well, I'm going to have to say this instead. Just one word.


Stipulation: I have no idea if you were bouncing off the ceiling of your levels when you made this or not, and as was mentioned, there's a lot of level variance between your different parts, but the compression is great. We also could be into competing sound engineering theory, where I was trained to ALWAYS be bouncing off the max level without clipping, so this could be a bit subjective too.

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The production sounds a bit weird to me at the start, but it moves on after. The song sounds a little on the quiet side volume-wise for the style the song is built in - it needs to sound big IMO.

I like the overall build of the song though - aggressive and energetic. It's a bit on the darker side, but not completely so. Overall it's conceived and executed pretty well. Pump out some more!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02444 - Crystalis "A Tale of the God Slayer"

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