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Thin Crust

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Let's be honest, we've all played minesweeper before. Some of us more than others. I'm just curious as to how many. I'll start off by showing my stats.


I figured that 1000 wins was a good place to stop and I haven't touched it for a while now. I'm really itching to get into it again, but it's just so addicting that I don't know if I really should start again.

So who here has played?

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Its been so long since I played the original minesweeper. It was a pastime for me when I was around 7. My brother gave me a small tandy that he used when he was younger, and thats what I played minesweeper on. Windows version 3.0 haha. I remember it being really fun though. Hypersegue: I remember getting warcraft 2 to work on that tandy, lol that was a day to remember.

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