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OCR02451 - Final Fantasy 'The First Story'

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Wow, this take on the Prelude is impressive. Nick surprises me with this huge journey through the iconic prelude theme. The guitars have this huge sound to them, and yet don't completely dominate the song. The song impressively keeps the listener engaged throughout without getting stale or repetitive.

This is impressive stuff!

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I was beginning to worry for this one by the two minute mark that this was going to be another trip down Prelude lane, albeit with a much harder edge. Thankfully, things become a lot more dynamic towards the centre and the lead synth starts to blazon a much less familiar trail. At over 6 minutes long, the result is much less a retread of Prelude, but a definitive study of it. It is bent, hammered and shredded into all sorts of new forms, but never loses that iconic arpeggiated accent that's integral to the theme.

Guitar work is pretty stellar as the main thrust and power of the mix, and the solo is fantastic. Glad it didn't get too overboard and overtake the main theme. Drums sound pretty awesome as well. It's not my favourite choice for a lead synth of all time, but its serviceable and doesn't clash with the guitar.

All up, it's quite a substantial interpretation on Prelude. It stops itself from becoming repetitive and warrants its running time by being creative, well played and well mixed. Love it.

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The prelude theme is one of those sources that amaze me with all the different ways ReMixers have found to ReMix and rearrange it without getting stale and finding a new way to present it. BONKERS adds to the list with this pretty cool metal take on it that not only rearranges it, but does it for over six minutes, which can't be that easy to do with this theme, I'd guess, and I have to say that the breakdown in the middle fits so well with the rest of the ReMix. Just when you think you've beaten this source to death, someone picks it up and takes it further. Nicely done, BONKERS.

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Never has the Final Fantasy Prelude sounded so great. I would think that it’s tough to stretch the Final Fantasy prelude out by six freaking minutes. But this track manages to pull it off miraculously. If you want a more detailed insight on what I thought, just read Marmiduke’s review as I second everything stated from it.

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