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Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges


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honestly i would love metal if they just took out all of the terrible lyrics
yeah i get that. so where are the nice people? like literally all i want from this is someone to tell me i'm wrong and show me *HOW*.

Dark Tranquillity

Ne Obliviscaris



4 bands that both write smart, intelligent lyrics, and who's fans/concert goers are largely nice and mature people (as are the band members themselves).

Now for something more on topic:

I hate Lamb of God worth a passion, but I agree that that hatred is irrelevant to Blythe's guilt. The video in the OP is apparently not the actual incident in question so it's hard to judge, but my gut says it was probably some idiot who deserved to be pushed off stage and that Blythe isn't really at fault.

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You work venue security in Canada? And you're just mentioning this now?

The way you talked made it sound like you know very little about metal and venue security, I gotta be honest.

Currently, I work Casino security which also doubles as a music venue. Before that, several venues. It's a shit job and I hate it, but that's beside the point.

I've also been to shows in many places as a patron because I love the music. If you want to talk about just metal music, I can sit here and discuss pretty much any band and scene you want. I love the music, but my experience with the communities is why I say what I do.

Metalheads love their music more than any other subculture. That is both a blessing and a curse.

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Just read the above posts - there's also a bunch of disagreement over your claims from those a part of the community and those not a part of it even.

I've been to plenty of concerts as I've said, and pretty much the crowd has been a raucous but cordial one generally speaking at every one I've been to, whether it has been Amorphis (along with Into Eternity & 3 other death metal bands - my first concert), Iron Maiden, Judas Priest/Heaven & Hell/Testament/Motorhead, Nightwish, Overkill/Sonata Arctica, Manowar/Rhapsody/HolyHell, Symphony X, Edguy/HammerFall, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray/Helloween, and Liquid Tension Experiment, to name some concerts. I've run into a few shitheads, but I end up countering their bullshit quick, often to protect the experience of those I am with or those I met just before the concert while waiting in line to get in. I've been to concerts around Chicago, St. Louis, Northern VA, and NYC.

I can only vouch for here in the US though - I've heard a few bad stories of things happening at European metal concerts, including one girl at a HammerFall concert getting threatened by two guys to give up her spot in front of the stage or get cut up by a knife, leaving her crying outside the venue. The only real bad incident I've witnessed in person was some 30 year old man getting a 14 year old girl's number (and they allegedly told each other their ages too according to a few others I met that night), but that's an isolated incident that I would never attach blame to a genre for causing.

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At first I was getting a little pissed at this thread. Partially thanks to Derrit.

Then I realized this thread was F***king METAL!!!!!!!!!! Best Metal thread ever on these forums! I think the time is near! OCR Metal Movement 2015!!! (let's be a little realistic)

I've said it countless times, these forms of music satisfy the lower brain. Fight/Flight Kill or be killed, and other things of a less than savory nature. like sex. and lots of it.

So derrit and the rest. keep it going! Pick a side, any side, and keep the fiiiigghhtting!!!The only thing better than Metal is MORE METAL. EPIC MELODIC DEATH TRANCE FOLK POLKA METAL CORE with DUBSTEB INFLUENCES!!

No i don't really care that much about LoG. Someone died at a death metal concert? gee that's weird. Of all the ways to die in this world being killed by the lead singer of your favorite band hardly seems like a bad thing. In fact I think it would be a great marketing tactic for these criminal record labels. See the show: $50 See the show, get a backstage pass and get killed by the lead singer: $250 but you get a t-shirt

My condolences to the kid's family.

While we are at it: Please comment on my mix! http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=40535

love you guys. :)

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Lower brain (reptilian)

Middle Brain (mammalian)

Upper Brain (human)


This is a bit outdated, but I happen to like it and it relates pretty well to why simple forms of music can easily generate mass appeal.

What i mean when relating this to metal is that all of the characteristics of lower brain activity (not a bad thing mind you, we use it everyday) are present. Constant subdividing (metal sub genres), inciting to action, survival, fighting, but also living in the moment since you may not be living in the next one. In short, excitement.

Take this thread, everyone has their opinions, no one is really admitting to agreeing with each other, and they are defending their points, many of them pretty personal, by attacking someone else's. By "they" I mean "We" of course. :) there i go myself.

As i said this thread is METAL!! (but it's also alot of other forms of music well represented on OCR) :) Stop the fighting guys, or keep doing it. Whatever works for you.

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But metal isn't a simple form of music and it doesn't have mass appeal.

I don't want to get too far into this because i love many forms of metal myself and really whats the point anyway?

Simple or not depends on the listener.

Did you see how many people were in that LoG link? Metal likes to think it's a musical counter culture to all the britney spears, justin timberlake crap out there but really it's not that far off from it. Just the other side of the coin. You can compare numbers all you want, I'm referring more to a minority getting a large group moving in one direction. Their direction.

This is getting philosophical now and waaaay off topic. Sorry my bad.

So how 'bout that stage diving craziness? Seems to me if you get past the methed up security guards, jump off a stage and into a crowd that's still 40% away from being a pool and die from it, then the small nudge you got from the singer probably wasn't what killed you. it was you.

Singer-what's his-name is innocent. Next topic.

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  • 3 weeks later...

LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe landed on U.S. soil this afternoon after spending more than a month at a Prague, Czech Republic prison on manslaughter charges. The singer boarded a direct flight to New York at approximately 1:00 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time) and made his way back home to Richmond, Virginia where he was expected to be met by his wife, Cindy Blythe.

On his layover in New York, Blythe updated his Instagram with photo of him and a fan who came to the airport to greet him (see picture below). He also included this heartfelt message:

"I apologize for my absence. I had an unexpectedly lengthy layover in the Czech Republic.

"This lovely young woman named Lia came to the [New York City] airport just to say, 'Randy, I'm glad you're home.' WHAT A SWEETHEART! Her boyfriend Gary had to work, so we called him on his cell.

"WE HAVE AWESOME FANS! How rad to be greeted by one for my layover in NYC.

"Soon I'll be home in [Richmond, Virginia].

"Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.

"I'll release a statement soon.

"Yee-haw and God bless the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!"

Blythe was arrested at the Prague airport on June 27 and was accused of shoving a local fan off the stage during LAMB OF GOD's May 2010 concert in the city. The man, who is said to have stormed the stage three times during the show, reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in his death nearly a month later.

After the court doubled Blythe's bail last month from about $200,000 to about $400,000, the prosecutor once again filed a complaint against the singer's release.

A Prague court on Thursday (August 2) dismissed the request that Blythe be banned from leaving the country.

Blythe confirmed earlier today that he will return to the Czech Republic — if necessary — to face trial. "I'm an international touring artist," he said. "I have to clear my name. So, yes, I will come back [to Prague] if I'm called to court."


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