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Speed Running 24 Hour Cast Featuring OC ReMix Songs


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Hello guys,

I've recently entered the speed-running community. I am actively engaged in speed-running Skyward Sword, and I have a Glitchless Record of 8 hours, 38 minutes. I am currently attempting to get the Single Segment W/O Resets World Record.

On my channel twitch.tv/Blackrazgriz I recently gained 100 followers. I usually do something special for a milestone like 50, 100, 500 etc. So for this occasion, I am gonna do a 24 hour cast. I'll be doing Skyward Sword Normal Mode Any%, which has yet to have a record, and other games and categories.

But I want this to be special. So for the entire cast, I will be playing OCRemixes. I am dedicating my cast to you guys because you guys are awesome, your music is amazing, and I look up to the work that everybody here does.

If anybody is interested, the Cast will start on Midnight July 31, 2012 and end at Midnight August 1, 2012. It's gonna be at my channel twitch.tv/blackrazgriz. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to doing this special cast.

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Just got the World Record for Skyward Sword Normal Mode Any% in this run. 9:37:57, which is highly improvable.

Up next is Link's Awakening Practice, followed by SSBB Subspace Emissary Speedruns.

Special Thanks to Benjamin Briggs for stopping bye ^_^ Hope he gets to finish Skyward Sword too :D

Thanks a bunch guys ^_^

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Actually, I could no longer keep it up. After 16 hours, my body started to fail me, I was getting migranes, and standing up depleted me of all my energy. I don't think I'll do another 24 hour cast, but I can definitely do speedruns dedicated to OCRemixes ^_^

Anyways, thanks for the support guys, especially if you were there.

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